A New ‘Intermediate’ B Riding Group

Important Changes to B+ and B rides

For some time there has been concern expressed at the size of these respective groups. The issues are that at times the groups are too large (causing problem with other traffic) and that the range of ability within each group is too great (causing riders to have difficulty staying with the group or that the speed is too low).

Having considered the options the committee have decided to introduce an additional B group for a trial period beginning in January. The new group will provisionally be known as the Intermediate B (BI) and in terms of speed and distance sit between the existing B+ and B groups. The destination points for the BI and B groups will remain the same during the trial period. The BI group will be co-ordinated by Mike Wakefield.

Riders who currently feel that the current B pace is too slow or the B+ pace too quick should consider giving the new group a try as it may suit them and also deal with the issue of overly large groups.

The intention is for the trial to be monitored for 3 months. If it is successful consideration will be given to making it a permanent fixture and for the whole issue of group designations to be reviewed.

It is important for the club to have sufficient groups to cover the range of abilities we have but equally it is members need to recognise their abilities on a week by week basis and ride with an appropriate group.

Should you have any comments on the matter during the trial period please forward them to Paul Godfrey the Runs Co-ordinator.