An eBike Build

Extracts from an email: Emrys Wilson: 15th April

Well the bike is done. I went out for a spin today and did about 15miles.  I am very pleased with the kit.  Balancing the gears with the level assist means you can put as little or as much effort as you want. Yes the bike feels heavier, but it rolls along the flat with no assistance easily enough. I notice no friction from the motor when pedaling unassisted.

No real problems in the build, just niggling little things which spun the job out. The hydraulic sensors were a little fiddly to put on, but not too difficult.  The motor seems to stop immediately when you stop pedaling(peddling?) anyway. The speed sensor was not a problem, I like the little red light it has when the power is on.  I have not put the gear sensor on yet, I have ordered some ferrules for the outer cable which I will need.  Frankly I am not so sure that the sensor is necessary anyway. When riding, I had forgotten that one should back off when changing, but noticed no problem in the shift.  I tend not to shift under load anyway. At £50 it is an expensive item .  I noticed Darren’s (the supplier) bikes did not have them. I can get all my gears with no problem even though at the extremes, the chain angle is a bit severe. I will probably invest in a Bling ring at some stage. The supplied chainring is a bit ropey. I fitted the throttle. Interestingly it only operates if there is a level of assistance selected, ie, not on the O setting.  There is a bit of lag before the throttle kicks in which surprised me as one of the reasons for the throttle is to get some instant assistance from traffic lights etc.  I eventually found the connectors for lighting, though I have not connected my light yet.

The connectors between the battery and the motor are awful. Bernie and I bodged a fitting somehow, but it is not satisfactory.  There is also some cable to be shortened.. I will take up your offer to solder the connections for me, If I may.  I do not want to be stranded somewhere if the connection failed.  I will come over to you when it is convenient if you let me know a time please. You will probably not be impressed with our cable runs – there are so many leads and cables.

All in all an interesting experience, if I can build this kit, then most people  can.  It needs a modicum of patience and cannot be rushed. I took over our dining room to do the work as I wanted a clear area. Our garage is a great place to lose screws and nuts sf dropped.

I have not tried other e-bikes so cannot offer a comparison  with them.  I am pleased with what I have achieved and happy with the system and would recommend it to others.. I feel confident that when I have built up a bit of stamina that I have lost during my layoff, that I will be able to join club rides again even with my ropy lungs.