Lenny Brown’s Campaign on Polhill

Len Brown is getting all steamed up about cycle safety on Polhill and wants your support.

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We all know the dangers of POLHILL with the speeding traffic, the broken surfaces and potholes. I have had a meeting on site with the Highways Officer, a Mr Catt, and he explained to get anything done we all as club members have to “Raise an Enquiry” before any action will be taken (if any!).It was suggested to me that the more people who complain the better chance we have of getting something done – ie.reducing the speed and hopefully more safer facilities for us cyclist, a cycle lane to the top would also be good.

It’s for all cyclists’ benefits that we call the Enquiry Number to put pressure on the department before someone is killed or injured – We need all members to ring

Thanks for your support.
Len Brown

The number to call is ..03000 41 41 41 Quoting Ref: 17147760

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