Rouen Holiday June 2018

Rouen 10th to 15th June 2018

All systems go – the ferry has now been confirmed!

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DFDS have now confirmed the ferry.
It is not too late if you wish to join this trip. you will just need to let Barry know to arrange the ferry.

The preferred method of payment is by bank transfer to the club account:-
Sort Code: 09 06 66 Account No. 43226774
Alternatively you could send a cheque to Chris Simms;   6 Petersfield Drive, Culverstone Green, Meopham, Kent, DA13 0TR.
OR you could give the money to Chris or Barry next Wednesday.

If you have not done so already now is the time to book your hotel. If your first choice hotel is full; a hotel in the vicinity would be fine . Look on google maps to see all the local hotels.

Having received your responses for meals on board the ship, I have decided it would be much easier for me  if everybody does their own thing on the day. This is not much hassle.
Just to remind you we need to assemble at the gates of the port at 07:15 to be sure of catching our ferry which sails at 09:00. The gate is no more than 15 minutes form the Premier Inn.
The trip lasts 4 hours and we lose an hour due to continental time, hence we arrive at 14:00 local time. I would expect to be prepared to ride to Rouen with maybe only a coffee stop about half way  Hence it would be wise to eat what you need on the boat.
Hope this is helpful. If you have any questions please contact me

Continental breakfast : 1 viennoiserie + 1 bread + butter + jam + 1 hot drink + 1 orange or
apple juice
€ 6.35 / £5.00

English breakfast : Beans + 2 sausages + 3 bacon slices + tomatoes + mushrooms + eggs + hash
brown +1 hot drink + bread€ 9.11 / £7.20

Deal menu : Starter or dessert + main course + bread + cold drink
€ 16.01 / £12.80

Full menu : Starter + main course + dessert + bread + cold drink € 18.84 / £15.10



To ask questions, or to listen in to ‘holiday chat’ – use the Rouen Group on WhatsApp. If you are not a member, contact Barry.



Rouen: 2018

 Important Information

The Rouen trip is confirmed. From 10th June to 15th June 2018. This is slightly longer than usual to accommodate the longer ferry trip.

If you are interested:-  Click here

By now all participants should have paid £33 to Barry / Chris. This is a commitment to the holiday and although it may be possible to get a refund up to 30 days before sailing, it cannot be guaranteed.


The ferry will be leaving Newhaven at 09:00 Monday 11th June.  We will need to meet in the dock at 07:15 to be sure of sorting everything out.

I do not think it will be possible to arrive on time if you get a train on the Monday morning especially as the trains to Newhaven require a change somewhere. There is a Premier Inn at Newhaven and I suggest we all stay there for the night before.

The ferry will be arriving in Dieppe at 14:00.  It is just over 40 miles from Dieppe to Rouen, and fairly flat, so it is quite doable by all riders.

If anybody does not feel up to the ride there is an excellent train service from Dieppe to Rouen (about 12 Euros) every half hour.


The return ferry leaves Dieppe on Friday 15th June at 12:30 (check in closes at 10:15) and arrives in Newhaven at 15:30. 

We will need to spend the Thursday night in Dieppe in order to catch this ferry.

This means you will be able to get a train home at a sensible time or if you are feeling fit you could cycle home.

The ride from Newhaven to Sevenoaks is only about 45 miles so quite reasonable.

A Group

Ride from Polhill to Newhaven (53 Miles Suitable for all groups) with cafe break for lunch Ride
Ride from Dieppe to Rouen (40 miles suitable for all groups)  ride
57 mile ride using bridge and 4 ferries Max. climb 15%!!!  ride
76 miles mostly flat ride
70 miles a bit challenging  ride
82 miles mostly flat to Monet’s Garden (well worth a visit, but a tough days ride) ride

B Groups

It is likely that there will be sufficient riders to support two B groups, corresponding to B1 and B2. There is no necessity to ride with the same group every day.

Heather, Cathy and John T have volunteered to organize some B1 rides
Di, John Thompson, Brian Slade and Peter Ham helping with the B2 rides.

On Sunday Heather intends to lead a brisk B paced ride to Newhaven, leaving Sevenoaks at around 9.30 am, it will be a fairly direct ride of some 50 miles with a stop for a snack lunch.

For those concerned about riding from the boat to Rouen on Monday afternoon (approx 42m), there is a good train service that can be used for some or all of the journey.


Ride Ideas around Rouen

B ride 44miles mostly flat
Two rides to Monet’s garden (well worth  a visit)  by train and return by bike. Or visa versa.
56 mile ride and 49 mile ride



There are many hotels in Rouen. I recommend the

IBIS at Rouen Centre Rive Gauche Saint Sever Hotel link to website

Also there is Ibis budget Rouen Centre Rive Gauche nearby link to website

As in previous years you will be responsible for booking your own hotel accommodation and organising any sharing you may wish to do. There is a system on the web site for notifying who you intend to share with to help those looking for sharing partners. Click here

Hotels Dieppe

There are several suitable hotels in Dieppe all fairly close together:-

ibis Dieppe Val Druel Hotel   link to website  

Hotel F1   link to website

Balladins  link to website

B&B Hotel DIEPPE  link to website

Members attending the ride.   Click here

Contact Barry at  reply  to this mail  ID=1

Two documents supplied by the ferry company for information.
DOV-GD-032 Cyclist Group Leader Safety Instructions – Rev004
Bicycle Leaflet