CTC Photographic Exhibition. Sat 4th March

West Kent 75th Photographic Exhibition at Methodist Church Hall, Otford on Saturday 4 March.

We open at 5.30pm for viewing with the Presentation of awards and talk from 7pm. The illustrated talk ”Adventures & Discoveries in Scotland” is presented by our own Meridian member Mike Wakefield, who has travelled widely in Scotland and who is organising another holiday for us in Dumfries from 25 June to 2 July.

Many of you will seen the details on the flyer, that I have been distributing at coffee meetings. 96 photos will be on display including 23 A4 prints. The judge is Keith Evans FRPS. The digital images will be projected with commentary after the talk and refreshments.

I, (or Peter Scott), have tickets at £5, or pay £5.50 on the door. I will see you on the 1st March as I will be in Scotland next week! You may order ticket on the Blog or email me : peterhwoods@msn.com

Peter Woods

Computer Aided Route Planning

Tues 28th Mar

The intention is to provide worked examples of route creation using some of the different route creation software packages. Whether a created route is transferred to a device, printed as a map or a turn sheet – the principles of route creation are the same.

What we also intend to do is show how routes can be shared between individuals and how to transfer routes to and from a device.

Heather Sim’s son Simon has been approached and agreed that we can use the facilities at Grange Park School, Borough Green Rd, Wrotham, Sevenoaks TN15 7RD. The school has Wifi and so you can bring laptops or other devices in order to work through demonstrations.

The event on Tuesday 28 March starting at 5 pm. Tea Coffee and biscuits will be available courtesy of Heather and Cathy

A charge of £2 will include refreshments and enable us to purchase something for the staff as a way of thanks for the use of the facilities.

The session will end at 7pm anyone wishing to retire for further discussion at the local hostelry will be welcome.

If you have any issues with route creation or file sharing do come along. If you haven’t already given your name to me (eMail ref No 125) or Ken Dean (No 2) let us know.

5pm 28th March
Grange Park School, Borough Green Rd, Wrotham, Sevenoaks TN15 7RD

1. Introduction Paul/Ken
2. Router Planning using Basecamp Malcolm McIntyre
3. Route Planning using Ridewith GPS
and Garmin Connect
GPX or Tcx – what’s the difference?
4. Route Planning using BikeHike
Saving & sharing files
Paul Godfrey


Changes to Committee

committeeFollowing on from the recent AGM at Swanley, Barry has stood down; John Ropkins and Bob Craig were co-opted onto the committee.


We now have two more pairs of ears to harangue with ideas and suggestions!

Features of New Website

Welcome to the new  Club Website. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – It is rich in new features. If there is something you would like added, please let the committee know and we will endeavour to incorporate it. Below is a list of the new features which we would like to draw your attention to.

  • Look at the footer Here you can see several features. You will notice here, as everywhere else, new information comes up in a pop-up window.
    1. Club Contacts – self explanatory
    2. Rules and guidelines
    3. Constitution
    4. Data Protection Statement
    5. Just a bit of nonsense
    6. Logout – don’t know why you would want to, but useful for Admins
    7. Update your membership data – Very important as from now onwards you are going to be responsible for the accuracy of your own data – no more ringing up committee and complaining that your data is incorrect.
    8. Send an email – This is a nice little feature that allows you to send an email to another member without knowing their email address or disclosing your own. You will be directed to the members list page where you can see the “id” of each member. Make a note of the member id you wish to send a mail to and click on the link at the top of the page. Then it is obvious.
    9. Welcome  – just to remind you who you are
    10. Pages only available to the committee
  • The sidebar now has your login status, the latest news and a note about our sponsors
  • Visitors
    • We now have a new visitors area with a blog, information and frequently asked questions
  • Runs list
    1. The full set of runs lists. We hope the pop-up windows make your reading easier.
    2. The weather forecast
    3. A link to the Leaders page. this is only for leaders and allows them to update runs lists and communicate with groups of riders.
    4. Locations  This page should have a full set of all the locations we attend.  You can  view the map of each location. If you think any are missing or incorrect please inform the committee.
  • Documents
    • Members Frequently Asked Questions – Just another link for useful information
    • AGM Papers – This is the depository for all the AGM documents.
    • Committee Meetings – This is the depository for all the Committee documents.
    • Insurance– This is information about cycling insurance.
    • Constitution Rules and Guidelines – This is the depository for the Constitution Rules and Guidelines.
    • Forms – this is a link to the Joining, Renewal and Guest rider forms. There are links to these forms from several other places in the site, so yo probably will not be accessing vis this route.
    • Useful Links
      • Website Documentation – If you are a complete nerd here is the full set of documentation for the website. It explains how we manage it and the details of all the Pages, Posts, Themes and Plugins.
    • Contact Data– This is the club membership telephone numbers.
    • Pub or Café Contact Phone Numbers and map
  • Market  Place
    • Club Sponsors
    • Club clothing