An eBike Build

Extracts from an email: Emrys Wilson: 15th April

Well the bike is done. I went out for a spin today and did about 15miles.  I am very pleased with the kit.  Balancing the gears with the level assist means you can put as little or as much effort as you want. Yes the bike feels heavier, but it rolls along the flat with no assistance easily enough. I notice no friction from the motor when pedaling unassisted.

No real problems in the build, just niggling little things which spun the job out. The hydraulic sensors were a little fiddly to put on, but not too difficult.  The motor seems to stop immediately when you stop pedaling(peddling?) anyway. The speed sensor was not a problem, I like the little red light it has when the power is on.  I have not put the gear sensor on yet, I have ordered some ferrules for the outer cable which I will need.  Frankly I am not so sure that the sensor is necessary anyway. When riding, I had forgotten that one should back off when changing, but noticed no problem in the shift.  I tend not to shift under load anyway. At £50 it is an expensive item .  I noticed Darren’s (the supplier) bikes did not have them. I can get all my gears with no problem even though at the extremes, the chain angle is a bit severe. I will probably invest in a Bling ring at some stage. The supplied chainring is a bit ropey. I fitted the throttle. Interestingly it only operates if there is a level of assistance selected, ie, not on the O setting.  There is a bit of lag before the throttle kicks in which surprised me as one of the reasons for the throttle is to get some instant assistance from traffic lights etc.  I eventually found the connectors for lighting, though I have not connected my light yet.

The connectors between the battery and the motor are awful. Bernie and I bodged a fitting somehow, but it is not satisfactory.  There is also some cable to be shortened.. I will take up your offer to solder the connections for me, If I may.  I do not want to be stranded somewhere if the connection failed.  I will come over to you when it is convenient if you let me know a time please. You will probably not be impressed with our cable runs – there are so many leads and cables.

All in all an interesting experience, if I can build this kit, then most people  can.  It needs a modicum of patience and cannot be rushed. I took over our dining room to do the work as I wanted a clear area. Our garage is a great place to lose screws and nuts sf dropped.

I have not tried other e-bikes so cannot offer a comparison  with them.  I am pleased with what I have achieved and happy with the system and would recommend it to others.. I feel confident that when I have built up a bit of stamina that I have lost during my layoff, that I will be able to join club rides again even with my ropy lungs.


Whats App Groups


Whilst ‘The Blog’ will remain the main means of communication on matters relevant to the whole club, we believe that there is room for ‘WhatsApp Groups’ on matters of interest to discrete sections of the club. For some time WhatsApp Groups has been used by the Prems and, more recently, within the Saturday As.

There are now 4 active groups within the Meridian Umbrella.
–  Meridian P’s  (Coordinator Peter Gray)
–  Meridian Saturday A Ride  (Coordinator Chris Simms)
–  Meridian Sevenoaks (Coordinator Ken)
–  Meridian Rouen (Coordinator Barry)

If these groups are successful then other groups could well be created, such as
– Meridian Bs
– Meridian Cs
– Meridian Sale & Wntd

What is WhatsApp?

An App available on Apple and Android Smart phones. It is not used on desktop PCs. It less formal, and easier to use than emails; it is has more features and less limitations than text messages (SMS). Messages can be sent to individuals or groups of individuals (within a WhatsApp Group). For normal messages it has the advantage of confirming that the recipient has both received and viewed the message.
To use WhatsApp you phone needs access to the internet using WiFi or Data Roaming.

How do I Join a WhatsApp Group?

1. You need to have a SmartPhone on which you have loaded the WhatsApp app.
2. If an existing group is relevant to your interests, then it is likely that you will be invited to join by the group’s administrator – problem solved.
3. If there is a group that you are interested in, and are not a member, then contact the group’s coordinator giving them your mobile number and they will arrange for you to be a member.

When to use WhatsApp

When there is an issue specific to that group (eg the Sat As don’t have a leader), or news only relevant to say the Rouen trip.

When not to use WhatsApp (Use The Blog Instead)

News that is relevant to the whole club eg
– Social Events
– Weekly ride reports including members riding and good/bad reports on the pub used.
– News items of general interest.

I’m getting tired of my phone ‘Pinging’

Within WhatsApp, go to Settings in top RH corner of screen, select Notifications and switch off ‘Conversation Tones’

Any other drawbacks?

Yes – you are in effect giving out your mobile number to other members of the group – you may not want this to happen, in which case delete your name from the group.
Yes – To participate you need a smartphone carrying the WhatsApp app; a significant proportion of members do not so enabled

I would like to volunteer to Coordinate a new Group.

Contact Barry or Ken

Role of the Group Coordinator

The person responsible for setting up the group and sending out invitations to join. They will also monitor entries and intervene if there is any ‘unsuitable’ content or postings that would be best placed on ‘The Blog’.

I Never Wanted to Join the Group in the first place – I WANT OUT!

Go to the group on your phone, Go to the 3 dots in top RH corner, select Group Info, go to the bottom of the screen and select ‘Exit Group’

Rouen: 2018

 Important Information

The Rouen trip is confirmed. From 10th June to 15th June 2018. This is slightly longer than usual to accommodate the longer ferry trip.

If you are interested:-  Click here

By now all participants should have paid £33 to Barry / Chris. This is a commitment to the holiday and although it may be possible to get a refund up to 30 days before sailing, it cannot be guaranteed.


The ferry will be leaving Newhaven at 09:00 Monday 11th June.  We will need to meet in the dock at 07:15 to be sure of sorting everything out.

I do not think it will be possible to arrive on time if you get a train on the Monday morning especially as the trains to Newhaven require a change somewhere. There is a Premier Inn at Newhaven and I suggest we all stay there for the night before.

The ferry will be arriving in Dieppe at 14:00.  It is just over 40 miles from Dieppe to Rouen, and fairly flat, so it is quite doable by all riders.

If anybody does not feel up to the ride there is an excellent train service from Dieppe to Rouen (about 12 Euros) every half hour.


The return ferry leaves Dieppe on Friday 15th June at 12:30 (check in closes at 10:15) and arrives in Newhaven at 15:30. 

We will need to spend the Thursday night in Dieppe in order to catch this ferry.

This means you will be able to get a train home at a sensible time or if you are feeling fit you could cycle home.

The ride from Newhaven to Sevenoaks is only about 45 miles so quite reasonable.


Group Rides and Leaders

Barry is coordinating the As; Heather, Cathy and John T the B1s and Ken, Di and Peter Ham the B2s.
Ride from Dieppe to Rouen (40 miles suitable for all groups)  ride
Ride from Polhill to Newhaven (53 Miles Suitable for all groups) with cafe break for lunch Ride

A Group

57 mile ride using bridge and 4 ferries Max. climb 15%!!!  ride
76 miles mostly flat ride
70 miles a bit challenging  ride
82 miles mostly flat to Monet’s Garden (well worth a visit, but a tough days ride) ride

B Groups

It is likely that there will be sufficient riders to support two B groups, corresponding to B! and B2. There is no necessity to ride with the same group every day – I intend to ‘mix & match’.

Heather, Cathy and John T have volunteered to organize some B1 rides, with Di, myself and Peter Ham helping with the B2 rides. If anybody else wishes to put their name forward, or if you have ideas for trips from Rouen, please contact one of the above.

On Sunday Ken intends to lead a B paced ride to Newhaven, leaving Sevenoaks at around 8.30 am, it will be a fairly direct ride of some 50 miles with a stop for a snack lunch; Barry will be leading a similar A paced ride from Polhill.

Ride Ideas around Rouen
Two rides to Monet’s garden (well worth  a visit)  by train and return by bike. Or visa versa.
56 mile ride and 49 mile ride



There are many hotels in Rouen. I recommend the

IBIS at Rouen Centre Rive Gauche Saint Sever Hotel link to website

Also there is Ibis budget Rouen Centre Rive Gauche nearby link to website

As in previous years you will be responsible for booking your own hotel accommodation and organising any sharing you may wish to do. There is a system on the web site for notifying who you intend to share with to help those looking for sharing partners. Click here

Hotels Dieppe

There are several suitable hotels in Dieppe all fairly close together:-

ibis Dieppe Val Druel Hotel   link to website  

Hotel F1   link to website

Balladins  link to website

B&B Hotel DIEPPE  link to website

Members attending the ride.   Click here

Contact Barry at  reply  to this mail  ID=1

Two documents supplied by the ferry company for information.
DOV-GD-032 Cyclist Group Leader Safety Instructions – Rev004
Bicycle Leaflet



Darenth Valley Golf Course

ShorehamGCA friendly, family-run golf course in the heart of Kent
Set within beautiful parkland in the peaceful Kent countryside, yet only 10 minutes from J3 of M25, our 18-hole, par 72 golf course is open all year round. So, whether you’re an individual golfer or a society, come and enjoy a great round of golf at Darenth Valley.
We look forward to welcoming you.


More information