Visitor FAQs

Welcome to the Meridian Cycling Club. Many of our new members tell us that when they were thinking of joining our club how daunting it can be to finally come along and meet so many new people and join one of our rides. They say that the two overriding questions they would have liked the answer to were:

Well we are a like-minded jovial lot mainly in our 60s and 70s, we even have some members in their 80s. Recently we have attracted some whippersnappers in their 40s and 50s. Naturally friends and members of the same group of riders usually sit together at elevenses and lunch but there are no cliques in the club, the committee would frown on that. We are proud to say that we’re a fun loving and a sociable, non-competitive lot. As one of our members you can easily sit and make friends with anyone on our rides.

So the answer is A RESOUNDING YES

This question is much trickier. We organize club runs on Midweek, Saturday and Sunday.


Numbers can vary between 50 and 70 riders at elevenses. However, we believe that we have something for everyone from complete beginner to the ex racer who reckons he/she could ride a bike before they could walk. We have 5 rides, Premier, A, B+, B, and C. Speeds and distances from elevenses to lunch vary considerably. The list below gives you some idea of approximate speeds and distances.
Premier ride is for those who really fancy their chances, they ride between 25 and 35 miles from elevenses to lunch – average speed 16 mph.
A ride can be brisk at times, between 18 and 25 miles – average speed 14 mph.
B and B+ rides are at a more modest pace, between 15 and 20 miles – average speed 12 mph.
C ride at a leisurely pace between 12 and 18 miles – average speed 10 mph.
Naturally depending on weather conditions our rides are shorter during the winter months. If you are a beginner it is recommended that you ride with the C group on Wednesdays. If you are not sure, it is better to ride with a slower group. Then if you find yourself way out in front on the hills you can always swap to a faster group at a later date. If you are interested in joining us on a Wednesday ride just make yourself known to any of the club committee or the group coordinators. They can advise you of the best group to ride with.

Are organised with A and B rides, along similar lines to the Midweek rides. Numbers usually vary between eight and twelve riders per group. If you fancy a Saturday ride then just ask to see Gary Wheelan.

Tony Poore is your man if you like the idea of a Sunday ride, which can attract up to twenty riders and proceeds at a leisurely pace equivalent to a Wednesday C ride.

Come and meet us at elevenses or lunch – if you feel like it join us on a ride. We meet at various cafes and Golf Clubs in the northwest Kent area and, after coffee and chat, the rides starts at 11 am. The lunch stop will usually be in a pub. We will wait for you and make sure you don’t get dropped on the way.

Whatever your taste in cycling, you will find like-minded fellow-cyclists in the Meridian CC. You are welcome to come and ride with us, but please read our Club Rules first. Try one or two rides with us without obligation. If after that you want to continue riding with us you will be expected to join the club.

In the interest of safety and peace of mind, all members must have BC, CTC or LCC third-party liability insurance. Click Here for details, but you don’t have to worry about this if you ride with us as a guest. This is because you are covered by the club’s insurance for the first three rides.