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questionThis section is where Visitors are invited to ask questions relating both to club activities and other cycling related matters.

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    • Danny Gazzi

      Hi Inci,
      I’ve just noticed that you asked your questions a week ago, and nobody has replied. Sorry about that.
      There’s a description of our groups and abilities under Welcome/FAQs at the top of this page. Does that help?
      Also at the top, you can see our runs list, for Wednesdays and weekends.
      Is there anything else that you would like to know? I can only suggest that you come along and give us a try. One of the groups is bound to be suitable for you. See you soon.

    • Barry Barlow

      It is on the welcome page right in the middle at the top “Join our club” and also right in the middle at the bottom “Want to join the club?”. Also it can be fond under the heading “Documentation – Forms – Membership Joining Form”. Hope this helps.