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  1. Louisa Beyer

    My partner and I are interested in joining a ride as guests, but I can’t access the FAQs to check which group we’d be best suited for (it asks me to login or register which I’ve already done, but still can’t get access). Can you let me know what the group levels are ? I imagine we’ll best suited to C or D as we try to ride regularly but are slightly out of condition at the moment!

    • Barry Barlow

      Sorry to take so long replying, but I have been on holiday. I have now fixed the FAQs so you can see them. although I do not think it will help very much.. I will see what I can to fix that soon. I am sure you will be able to keep up with the B group as they ride very steadily and they will wait for anyone who is struggling. IF you feel really unconfident, then you could ride with the Cs although I think they will be too slow for you if you get out fairly regularly. Note we have 13 members who are over 80 years old, our oldest member who always rides on a Wednesday whatever the weather the whole year through has jus had his 88th birthday. Hope to see you soon.