Ypres: 2017

As at 14th Feb  35 members have confirmed their interest in the ride.
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Those going need to act by going to the registration page and providing Passport information for the ferry company

Late Entries

Contact Barry asap, it will possible to add your name to the ferry list up to the end of April(approx.), but you will have to arrange your own accommodation.



Nearer the time rides will be confirmed and ‘volunteers’ recruited to lead the various groups. In the meantime these route give an idea of some of the options that might be available.

Routes to and from the Hotel

1. 40.4 miles
2. 39.7 miles(recommended route for C   & B riders)
3. 52 miles   (to Hotel recommended route for B+ & A riders)
4. 56 miles  (from Hotel to Dunkirk for A and B+ riders)

Day Rides from Ypres

4. To Bruges  33 mile each way  (A &B+ Tuesday
5. Roubais, Lille, Armentiers, Poperinge  66 miles (A &B+ Wednesday)

6. Passchendaele Armentieres and Poperinge 45 miles  (C Ride)
7. Passchendaele Menen round trip 36 miles (C ride)

Other Routes Listed on Ride with GPS


Meals and Accommodation

Update from my trip to Ypres on 24th March

My wife and I visited Ypres on the 24th March and stayed at the ’tZweerd hotel.

The hotel is in a great location right on the town square. We had a room on the front of the hotel overlooking the square, and it was not noisy even though it was a Friday, Saturday night.  Obviously I was not able to look at other   rooms, but I am happy that the accommodation will be fine.  The breakfast was the usual continental and was a bit of a bun fight, but as there will only be us staying I do not see that as a problem. The rate is bed and breakfast only and I am assuming that is what everybody will want. I am still trying to organise a club evening meal for the Wednesday and I will update you later on that.

We visited several Museums and Cemeteries which were very interesting.
I think that each group ride leader should plan one day when their ride ends about 15:30 at the Passchendale Museum. It is a must do visit:-
It is open from Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 to 18:00. Last admission at 16:30.  It takes about one and a half hours at least to do it justice. It is only about 5 miles from the hotel so riding back afterwards will not be a problem.

Also the Tyne Cot cemetery is worth a visit if you can fit it in.

The Menem gate is only two minutes walk from the hotel and the last post is played every night at 8 p.m. although you really need to be there at 07:30 to be able to see anything. This is also a must do ceremony.

The countryside is very flat so all the ridding will be easy.

Any questions please ask me and I will do my best to answer.



Having read Barry’s notes below, most riders have decided to stay at the Tzweerd Hotel in the centre of town. Instead of roaming the streets of Ypres each evening, it is likely that on most nights we will be eating together in the hotel. More information will be available nearer the time.

Note 3 – 13th Jan

Normally travellers arrange their own accommodation for this holiday, but I have found what looks to be a very suitable hotel that would accommodate most of us if we take over the whole hotel.  http://www.gasthof-tzweerd.be/en/index.php. The hotel arrangements for committed members can be seen on the attached schedule.

As I said in my previous mail, the price for this is 45 Euro per person per night sharing and 70 Euro per night for a single room. Three of the rooms in the hotel are family rooms that have 3 or 4 beds. I have allocated these to have 2 or 3 occupants. There may be a discounted rate for those in a 3 sharing. I am still negotiating this.

The cost of the ferry is £45 plus £8 for breakfast.

Now is the time to commit as we have to pay a deposit for the ferry and the hotel. Please arrange for either

1.    A BACS transfer to the Club’s bank account.  Sort Code: 09 06 66 Account No. 43226774

2.    Send a cheque made out to the club to
Chris Simms, 6 Petersfield Drive, Culverstone Green, Meopham, Kent. DA13 0TR

3.    Bring the cheque or cash along on a Wednesday and give it to Chris or me.

We need your deposit by 27th January so please do not delay. No communication means you are no longer interested, although I would much prefer it if you told me.

For those of you in the Tzweerd hotel, you will need to pay a total deposit of £50. If you are not in the Tzweerd, you will need to pay £20 for the ferry deposit.

I attach a spread sheet showing the accommodation arrangements. It would be really helpful when you pay your deposit if you could enter your information into the page on the website.

Also I need you passport details for the shipping manifest. This is a requirement of the shipping company and you cannot travel if you have not provided it. Please note that your name has to be exactly as it is entered on your passport. I notice that some of you do not seem aware of this.

If you are not happy with the hotel arrangements for any reason, please feel free to make your own accommodation arrangements, but please let me know asap as I will then have to change the hotel allocations.

A few of the alternative possible hotels are shown in Barry’s email of 13th Jan.

Finally, if you have any questions or trouble reading this mail or opening the spread sheet, feel free to give me a call. Any communication is better than no communication.


Note 2 – 9th Jan

I have been looking at hotels in Ypres and although there are quite a few suitable I think I have found a very good solution. A family run hotel called Gasthof ‘t Zweerd can accommodate most of us for 45€ pppn. Also for an extra 25€ ppn  they can provide half board. Also they have a lockable room for our bikes.
Even if we do not go for the half board option, they do have a restaurant large enough to accommodate all of us for at least one group meal.
This is the link to their website .
I  will talk to them tomorrow and see what sort of deposit they need and by when.
However, I would like some sort of idea who would be interested, so please le me know asap.


Note 1 – 5th Jan

I have booked the ferry for
Outbound :-      Monday  DVDK 12/06/2017 10:00
Homebound:-  Thursday  DKDV 15/06/2017 18:00
The price per bicycle would be £45 and the price per person for a continental breakfast would be £7.95.
We need to pay a deposit by the end of January, but the final numbers and names do not have to be submitted until end of May.

It would be really useful if anybody who is interested could let me know as soon as possible. This will not commit you until we ask for the ferry fare in May, but it would give me a good indication of the numbers.
The best way to let me know is to go to the web site and indicate that  you are interested on the page for the holiday to Ypres.(see link below)
Alternatively you could reply  to this mail (ID: 1)and I will sort it out.

I attach two documents supplied by the ferry company for information.
DOV-GD-032 Cyclist Group Leader Safety Instructions – Rev004
Bicycle Leaflet

p.s. It is not too soon to register your interest  in Riccione:-


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