Meridian Strava Club

Sign up with the Strava free app on your ‘phone and monitor your performance against both your friends in the club and your previous performances.

Go to Strava

Download and Register with Strava

  1. Download the free app to your phone or access Strava on the web.
  2. Register and Login
  3. Record your rides using a mobile phone (or Garmin GPS)
  4. Analyse and compare your ride against yourself and friends.

Join Meridian Club on Strava

Once you have signed up to Strava you can optionally join the Meridian Strava Club. This shows your performance, in tabular form, against other Strava members that have joined ‘Meridian Club’. To join Meridian Club proceed as follows.

  1. Go to Strava and Log in
  2. Go to the Explore Tag
  3. Choose Clubs
  4. Type in Name=>Meridian and Location=>London
  5. Search
  6. Select Meridian.

When you go to the Strava page on the web site you will see a small table of results, you should also be able to click thro to see a full page of all results

Security / Privacy

1. All forms of Social Media can compromise privacy. See Privacy – Social Media
2. Privacy Zones can be set, these protect from visibility predefined zones, these could be your home or work – a useful feature to hide your precise home location.
3. Your full name need not be disclosed – you can use an abbreviation or alias.