WhatsApp is a messaging / chat application available on most smartphones. It is being used by many Meridian members for informal discussions that are of particular interest to smaller groups. It is not integrated into the main web site.

WhatsApp does not replace the main ‘Blog’ which is intended for weekly Runs Reports and items of general interest to the club. Nor does the use of WhataApp in anyway reduce the need to keep the Group Runs List update with destinations and leaders – see the note on Insurance below.

Existing Whats App Groups

Group NameInstigatorDescription
Meridian PremsRichard BinghamMainly Prem riders
open to all club members
Meridian (Wed) A1 RidersRay HardingeMainly Wednesday A1 riders
open to all club members
Meridian A2 GroupDanny GazziMainly Wednesday A2 riders
open to all club members
Meridian Saturday A RidesChris SimmsMainly Saturday A riders
open to all club members
Meridian B2sKen DeanMainly Wednesday B2 riders
open to all club members
Meridian (Wed) B1sDavid ParkerMainly Wednesday B1 riders
open to all club members
7oaks cycling buddiesKami LuscombeCTC/Cycling UK: Gentle paced all day rides starting from Sevenoaks

To Join a Group
Contact the Instigator listed above. Having joined a group you will receive all future entries – but not those published before your joining date.

To Leave a Group
Click on the group, go to the 3 dots in the top rh corner, select Group Info, scroll down to ‘Exit Group’.

To Add your Group to the Above List
If there is a relevant group not shown above Contact Ken Dean

WhatsApp works by using the mobile phone data held within your contacts app. It is therefore important that you keep your contacts file up to date to get full benefit.

To Add the WhatsApp App to your SmartPhone
Android – go to Play Store and search for WhatsApp
iPhone – go to App Store and search for WhatsApp
WhatsApp cannot be loaded on your desktop pc nor on your iPad

The club is affiliated to the CTC and is covered by their 3rd Party insurance Policies; these protect both group leaders and club officials against claims from 3rd parties who may suffer injury caused by the club or its members. A condition of these policies is that all rides and participating riders are properly recorded – hence the need for an accurate Runs List and a Blog entry showing who has ridden on each ride.

Riders and/or Leaders not properly recorded on the Runs List and Blog report will be considered as not being on a recognised Meridian ride and hence not covered by these policies; for this purpose WhatsApp groups are not satisfactory.