Add your Route(s) to the WebSite

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The guidance below has been supplemented by a number of YouTube videos that will provide more ‘meat’ to these instructions.

Runs List & Runs Library

You can add your route(s) to the website for the benefit of others. Routes are classified as two types;

Obtaining a Link from Ride With GPS

In order to add a route of either type you will need to obtain a link to a route that has been created in Ride With GPS. In order to get such a link see Using Ride With GPS.

Adding your Route to an existing Ride on the Runs List.

You will need

  1. Ride Leaders Name exactly as shown on Runs List (will no doubt be your name)
  2. A “Ride With GPS” link to your route – Using Ride with GPS (normally stored in your clipboard
    This will be in the format “”, where ‘nnnnnn’ is a unique number obtained from RideWithGPS.
  3. Date of ride in the format   04  08  2019
  4. Ride Type; AwayDay or Normal Wed Ride.

Once entered, the route should then appear ‘as if by magic*’ on the runs list. It is critical that the above data is entered correctly or it will not match up to the existing entry on the runs list.
(*Well not quite ‘by magic’ – it will take 5 to 10 mins to to work its way through the system)

Enter Route Details Here.
Do not use this for adding runs to the library


Adding a Route to the Runs Library
  1. Create your own route using RideWithGPS.  (See separate page on RideWith GPS)
  2. From RideWithGPS, obtain a link that points to, or displays your route. (See separate page on RideWith GPS)

3. Complete The Form
Do not use this form for adding runs to the weekly rides

How do I Delete an Existing Library Entry?

Contact Paul Godfrey and he’ll do it for you.

How do I Update an Existing Entry

All routes are saved saved in your account with RideWithGPS. You can go to your account , select ‘Saved Routes’, find the route and select ‘Edit’. The ride can then be edited and saved over the top of the original version.
Any other changes (eg to the description) it’s best to ask Paul to delete your entry and start again.