Options; Third Party Insurance

A condition of membership of the club is that members have third party cycling insurance. This protects the rider and the club (and its officers), against claims from third parties. Eg. If a rider accidently hits and injures a person on a zebra crossing, then that person may make a claim that, depending on the circumstances, might be substantial. Third party insurance does not cover loss or damage to yourself or you bike.

The club accepts insurance that comes automatically from being a member of CyclingUK (CTC), London Cycling Campaign (LCC) or British Cycling (BC); it does not recognise any other provider. Up until now most Meridian members have decided to become members of CTC where Senior Members benefit from a reduced membership of £30.50pa. As from 1st Oct Senior membership has been abolished; normal individual membership is £48pa. This is an effective increase of 57%. The purpose of this note is to explain the options that are available from LCC and BC. It is not a recommendation; members should read carefully the terms and conditions to confirm that they meet your own requirements.

LCC CTC full1 CTC affiliated2 BC3
Insurance (over 65) £5m £10m £10m £15m
Cost £25pa4 £48pa £26pa £43pa
Legal helpline Yes Yes No Yes
Magazine Yes Yes No No


  1. There is the option of Life Membership
  2. Meridian is affiliated to Cycling UK; affiliated members do not have access to the incident helpline
  3. Insurance only comes with ‘Ride’ or ‘Race’ membership; BC insurance does not cover member on member incidents.
  4. Aged 65 or older

Holland Trip; 21st – 28th June 2021

UPDATE: 1st Oct 2020

We have 27 firm bookings for the trip and we are in the process of making payment of the deposits to the hotel. There may (or may not) be the possibility of late bookings – speak to Heather about possibilities.


UPDATE: 5th Sept 2020

Holland Trip: 2021

We have timetabled the trip for 21st to 28th June 2021. We will use the overnight ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland, staying in Dordrecht for 5 nights. Members will also be able to make their own alternative travel arrangements; partners (riding or non riding) would be welcome.

On our last visit in 2019 we had 35 participants and 4 riding groups; A, B1, B2 and C (who had a great times combining shorter rides with train, boat trips and site-seeing). The cycleways in Holland are unbelievably good, safe, well signposted with neither traffic nor hills!

We enjoyed a good meal on the ferry in both directions; the restaurant was both pleasant and clean – as were the cabins.

The hotel was basic but clean with very pleasant staff. The rooms contained two single beds and a pair of bunk beds. Some people shared, others had a room to themselves. The hotel was great value for money; staying half board helped keep down the cost of the trip.

Detailed prices for 2021 are  (in Euros) €340 pp single occupancy; €310 pp double occupancy and €245 for 3/4 persons – for 5 nights including food!

The ferry cost yet unknown but are likely to be in the region of  £200 return which includes cabin, excellent evening meal and breakfast.

Members who were not booked for 2020, but who are interested in joining the proposed 2021 trip, should contact Heather or Chris.

Bookings plus a deposit of £100 need to be made to Heather by 27th September 2020, they are refundable by the hotel up until March 2021.

Finances and Insurance

The club are prepared to make the bookings on behalf of members so that we can benefit from the ‘group discounts’. Deposits are classed by the hotel as ‘returnable’. The club do not underwrite or guarantee the financial performance of the hotel or ferry, nor are they acting as their agent. Participants will be asked to confirm their acceptance of this statement.
StayOK Terms and Conditions
Stena Line Terms and Conditions

Members are invited to join the trip on the basis that they arrange their own travel/health insurance prior to the trip. The club can take no responsibility for the welfare of individual members, nor for their safe return to the UK in the case of accident or sickness. Members should monitor the Brexit negotiations to establish if any reciprocal health agreements are likely to be in place after the turn of the year.

CoronaVirus and Club Rides

The Club Runs List is back in operation

Runs group coordinators can now place details of rides on the runs list. Please do your best to support them and volunteer to lead a ride if you can. Their email addresses can be found under Contacts – so let them know if you have an idea for a ride.

You are encouraged to read the following documents.

CoronaVirus: Meridian Policy and Guidance

Meridian Risk Assessment -Draft

CyclingUK;  Advice and guidance for group cycling

CyclingUK; Q&A: is it safe to cycle?

CyclingUK; Tips for socially distant cycling

27 Oct 2020



Committee Meeting 4th Sept

This is a brief summary of the main points discussed at the meeting. Full minutes will be published in due course.


The club is to reinstate formal club rides. To this end a policy document was agreed and published on the website.

It is envisaged that the runs list will be fully operational for rides on or after 16th Sept.
Paul Godfrey to liaise with group coordinators regarding operational details.

Club Matters

The AGM, which is timetabled for Autumn 2020, has been provisionally pencilled in for Spring 2021.
Club accounts will be produced in the Autumn of this year in the normal manner.

Membership renewal fees will be suspended for 12 months.
Fees for new members will apply in the normal manner.
Existing membership cards will apply for the extended period.

The summer party, and the Christmas Dinner timetabled for December 2020, have been cancelled.

The Holland trip to proceed in June 2021. A condition of travel is that participants acknowledge that the club are merely acting as coordinators in transferring participants’ money to the hotel/ferry. In this respect the club has no liability if the hotel/ferry are unable to fulfil their commitments.


Membership Fees – Cycling UK (CTC)

Cycling UK (CTC) – Proposed Change to Subscriptions

You will be interested to note

The proposal will be voted on at the Cycling UK  AGM which will take place on Friday 4th September;  members are encouraged to vote on this proposal; this can be done in one of two ways

Lost your voting papers? You should be able to obtain your ‘Security Code’ by following this link
Unfortunately for me this didn’t work – I got the code by emailing TakePart@civica.co.uk with my name and membership number.
You can also contact them at  dontknowcode@cesvotes.com or 020 8889 9203


Alternatives to Cycling UK

There are other options to obtain 3rd party insurance other than using Cycling UK. I will address these at a later date.

Ken Dean
17th Aug 2020





Using Ride with GPS

This section covers how ‘Ride with GPS’ (RWGPS) can be used to

  1. Plot a route and determine both the length of the ride and the total descent.
  2. Store the route in ‘your’ library of rides stored within RWGPS.
  3. Down load a file that can be used with your Garmin SatNav.
  4. Obtain a ‘link’ that be added to either the ‘Runs List’ or ‘Runs Library’ on the club web site.

Why Ride With GPS?

There are many other programs that are functionally similar to RWGPS, these include

It is unreasonable to cover all these programs, so I a have chosen RWGPS – it works well and seems to be the most widely used within the club.

Creating an Account.

To work within RWGPS, it is best to create a (free) account – ‘Basic’ and ‘Premium’ accounts are available for a fee, but this is not necessary. A free account will enable you to login, create routes and store them within your own RWGPS account.

Routes and Activities.

A ‘Route’ is a ride which you have created/planned with a view to riding it and/or loading it onto your Garmin.
An ‘Activity’ is a ride that you have already ridden, recorded it on your Garmin, and stored it within RWGPS.
One way to create and store a Route is to take a stored Activity and convert it into a Route!

Creating Route.

The most likely starting point is to create yourself a Route within RWGPS. A good introduction into how to do this is shown in this video. (the video is a bit long in tooth, for example to start creating a Route go to ‘Route Planner’ and not ‘Plan’.

Whilst creating a Route it will display both the distance and ascent. When finished you can store the Route for later use.

Printing a Route.

This cannot easily be done as it is a ‘paid for’ feature. It can be overcome by

Transferring the Route onto your Garmin (using a GPX file)

If you are already logged in to your RWGPS account

If you are Not logged in to your RWGPS account


You will then find the GPX file in your download folder.

Creating a Link to Upload to the Club Web Site.

It is now possible to display your routes on the club web site yourself, without having to email it to another member who has special privileges.
To do this you first need to create a link to the route that has been stored in your RWGPS account. To obtain the link proceed as follows.

Your ride will then be displayed on the website for the benefit of other members. Don’t be disappointed if it isn’t immediately displayed – it can take 5 or 10 mins to become registered.

Need More Help?

Contact Paul Godfrey, Barry Barlow or Ken Dean who will be happy to help.

Club AGM: Wed 27th Nov

Meridian 2019 AGM, Wednesday 27 November 2019.

We will holding our 2019 AGM at 14.00 hours on Wednesday 27 November at The Olympic, Swanley. Rides start and finish at The Olympic and a sandwich buffet will be available prior to the AGM at a cost of £6 per person payable on the day.

Copies of the papers are available on the website (see Club Docs / Documentation); please print out any papers you wish to bring, as hard copies will not be available at the AGM. If you have a motion for consideration or are interested in standing for a position on the Committee, please return completed forms to me by Wednesday 13 November.

Link to published documents

The Club Chair’s report and annual accounts will be posted on the website nearer the date of the AGM.

I look forward to seeing you at the AGM and if you have any questions please contact me.

Paul Dean, Club Secretary.

Christmas Lunch. 18th Dec 2019

Update: Reservations and Payment Deadline 13th November 


The club Christmas Lunch is to be held at High Elms golf club following the ride on the 18th December.
The (subsidised) cost for members is £20 for a three course meal with coffee.
Guests are welcome when the cost will be £25.

Your reservation and payment can be made to by one of the following methods

All cheques made payable to Meridian Cycling Club
Postal address for Chris: Mr C Simms, 6 Petersfield Drive, Culverstone Green, Meopham DA13 0TR
Online bank transfer to
Meridian Cycling Club
Sort Code: 09 06 66
A/C No:  43226774
Please add the reference ‘your name’ to all online transfers – or else he won’t know who it’s from!

Printable Booking Form here
Online Booking Form here

Deadline for reservations and payment 13th November

Full Menu

Tomato & Red Pepper Soup (G/F, Veg & Vegan)
Trio of Falafel & Sweet Chilli Dip (G/F Veg & Vegan)
Ardennes Pate & Toast

Main Course
Traditional Turkey Roast – potatoes, veg, stuffing, pigs in blankets
Topside of Beef – potatoes & vegetables
Date & Almond wild rice stack, Rocket Salad (G/F, Veg & Vegan)
Alaskan Pollock Fillet on roast new potato wedges, sauté of veg, leek & saffron sauce (Veg)

Xmas pudding (vegan option available)
Belgian Chocolate truffle with coconut milk & vanilla Vegan ice cream (G/F, vegan)
Lemon tart and raspberry sorbet (G/F, vegan)

Coffee & mini mince pie
Mince Pies (vegan option available)


All rides start from and return to High Elms Golf Club on the 18th December.
Parking bikes – please walk to the right side of the building and then turn left following the building around. You will see a sloped area with 3 picnic tables, and a large hedge to the left, bikes can be left around the tables and on both sides of the hedge. The only place to avoid if the slope to the right of the tables as the golfers use this for their trolley’s The bikes will be safer here also can be seen from the dining room and coffee area.
Coffee will be served in the bar on the first floor from 10am. Please would all ride leaders make sure that the ride finishes back at High Elms by 12.30pm, to allow time for people to change (if they wish!) and lunch will be served at 1pm. Looking forward to seeing you all.



Diary Note: Events for 2020/21

Please make a Diary note for the following events for this year and next.

1. Club Holiday Holland.  2021 – booking deadline 28th Sept

Contact Heather asap.
See further details here

2. Club Summer Party – Cancelled


3. Club Christmas Lunch. High Elms, Cancelled

Further details from Heather in due course.

Items for Sale & Wanted

This facility operates in a similar way to the ‘Blog’ in that members can add items (with photos), other members can add replies/responses relating to the item being offerred or wanted.
The initial guidelines are;
1. Items offered must be cycling related.
2. If possible add a photo
3. If you have a preferred means of being contacted, please say so.
4. If the buyer has a query/question then he/she can either hit the ‘Reply/Comment’ button or contact the seller directly.
5. If the item is sold, or is no longer available, please post a Reply/Comment saying ‘Sold’ or ‘Not Available’.
6. Any item still not sold after 4 weeks will be removed.