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  1. David Sims

    Happy to lead the A2 group on Wednesday, slightly slower pace than of late, end of season no more targets to achieve and it’s the last ride before the shorter days and shorter rides, so lots of sunshine to enjoy

  2. Bob Hazell

    Thanks for a very enjoyable & sociable ride Derek despite the drizzle. I was grateful to you & Peter for not turning your electrics up too high so I didn’t arrive at lunch in a pool of sweat! In fact we went at almost exactly the normal B pace – not that pace should matter too much in a social riding club of course! A fab day against all the (damp) odds

  3. Derek Hunter

    Derek Hunter
    Oct 19 2018 @11.32

    Hi everybody – the “C” group actually managed a ride this last Wed – all be it just 4 off to Platt – the easy route via Otford, Kemsing, Wrotham & Borough Green. Eric headed home after Kemsing – the 2-ebikes self & Peter plus Bob headed to the Blue Anchor for a pleasant lunch on a very pleasant day. I wonder how many more such days are left this year

  4. Steve Birkin

    11 (some inadequately clothed and still on summer bikes) started off en route to Lingfield. Very soon we were cursing the weather forecasters with their 10% chance of rain predictions. We lost Bob Craig – grandparent duties, Chris Simms – punctures and our guest rider before we got to Westerham. The 8 who made it to the Star at Lingfield were: Barry, Ray, two Davids, Rowland, Mike, Bob and me. The food was good and the staff friendly, but it rained again on the ride home.

  5. Paul Dean

    Wednesday 17th October B1 ride to the Greyhound, Hever. In damp conditions we headed down Sundridge Hill and up to Ide Hill then to Bayley’s Hill (quite a lot of Hills today!). The food at The Greyhound was the usual high standard and the service excellent and friendly. The B1’s were Ken Dean, Paul McAteer,Nick Leng-Smith, Peter Woods, Mike Wakefield, new member Tony Reeve, back marker John Thompson and myself.

  6. David Parker

    Wednesday 17th October, B2 ride to The Greyhound at Hever, route went via Brasted Hill up to Toys Hill, then down through Puddledock, Four Elms and Edenbridge to Hever. Service and food in the Greyhound was excellent, except that they had run out of soup. With me were Pete Ham, Paul Hills, Linda Kemp, Di Outram, John Ropkins, Rosemary Wakefield and our excellent back marker Paul Godfrey.

  7. Pete Pembery

    The plan for A2s was to go to Tonbridge, but as it was raining when we left Pole Hill, we decided on a shorter ride, and ended up with doing 23 miles to the Lookout Biggin Hill, via Shoreham, Crockenhill, Chelsfield,Knockholt, with me Roy M who left at Shoreham, Rosemary G, who left at St Mary Cray, Danny G, Steve D, Pete J.

  8. Tricia Hewlett

    Really nice to catch up with everyone this morning (apologies to others for not having time to personally chat) before you had to leave – hope you weren’t too wet by the time you got home!! It was nice & dry in the library!!


  9. Rick Green

    Hi A2s. No leader for this week’s ride to Tonbridge, though I am sure you all know the/a way there. Also, a leader needed for Aylesford next week. Any volunteers?

  10. John Thompson

    We have just returned from a holiday in Menorca, while there I came across this cycling event Volta cicloturista internation each year, the next event is on the 19,20,21 October 2018.
    Are ther any members interested to this event for 2019.. There are routes103.5 km, and 59 km the road are billiard top smooth and very light traffic.
    Check out the web site
    I am thinking of going next year.
    John Thompson

  11. Richard Bingham

    Wednesday 10th October: Prems ride to The Chequers, Laddingford. Glorious with shorts and short sleeves the order of the day. Quite a bit of climbing in the first hour what with Mussenden followed by the ups to Ash and Fairseat. No complaints though. A skittish descent of Vigo and then on through the Mallings and Yalding to the pub. Sat outside in the sun with usual great service and reasonably priced coffee. The riders enjoying a fabulous Wednesday were John Baker, Richard Bingham, Keith Cooper, Martin Gill and Dave Hickman

  12. Chris Simms

    Saturday 13th October, A Ride: Six of us met at Coolings for a ride which went via Brasted, Ide Hill, Hubbards, Hildenborough and Mereworth finishing at the Scared Crow in West Malling for lunch. Another fantastic summers day in October. Riders were Steve Birkin, Ron Castle, Dave Binks, Barry Barlow, Peter Woods and myself.

  13. Paul Godfrey

    B2 riders, we are in need of leaders for the next two weeks. I will probably be able to lead one but we do need people to step up and lead. If you can help let me know.

  14. Peter Hawker

    October 10th ride:
    The ‘C’s, Peter Foulsham (recovering from a complicated medical condition and riding well – he bought us all a pint to celebrate)
    , Peter Ham, Derek Hunter and your reporter (both electrified) rode to Stansted in glorious weather, claimed to be the warmest October day for seven years – provided just to sustain us during the coming winter. With lunch at the Black Horse, Stansted which was
    accompanied by enthusiastic chat on this, Mental Health Day. “Half an hours chat is worth umpteen tranquilisers” I always say. What do you always say?

  15. Peter Woods

    10 B1s: Rosemary and Mike Wakefield, Val, new rider John Ball, (welcome to our Club!), Martin Pickett, (a not so new member), Paul McAteer,(who was my ‘satnav’), Dave Parker, John Ropkins, Richard Bush,(one of my Tuesday night group, who will be joining our Club) and me.
    A glorious sunny day though we had to be careful on narrow downhill lanes with the dappled sunlight.
    One or two felt I was just looking for hills to climb as I led them up Bower Lane to Romney Street, down to Woodlands and up Tinker Pot Lane. We continued via Knockmill, via the top of Terry’s Lodge and down to Ightham. A climb led us to Basted where we continued to Crouch and Offham where 7 went straight to The George Inn, as they needed to arrive by 1pm. Paul and Richard continued with me on a short loop towards West Malling, up towards Ryarsh and along to lunch.
    I wanted to make to most of the good weather so Martin, Richard and I went back via Knatts Valley. Thank you all for your company and support!

  16. David Keith

    For today’s A1 ride to Mundy Bois I was joined by Dave B, Barry B, Ray H, Bob B and Chris S. On the way there we traveled via West Malling, Barming Heath, East Farley, Loose and Boughton Monchelsea. We returned via Headcorn, Marden, Laddingford and Plaxtol. On the way home Chris stopped to help a fellow cyclist with a puncture.

  17. Paul Godfrey

    B2 14 set off from Lullingstone, somewhat calamitous in that we had 3 punctures and deviated from the intended route to include a section on the A20 which was not particularly pleasant. Joining me were Paul Hills, Peter Scott, Eric O’Connor, Brian Weekes, Dave Collier, Ken Dean, John Broadfoot, Di Outram, Bob Hazell, Heather Sim, Chris Barnett, Mike Yeo who left us at West Kingsdown, Ken Mould who suffered a puncture early on and decided not to continue and Cliff Bell. Many thanks to all for the puncture assistance, can we have some more of this weather.

  18. Chris Simms

    A Ride, Saturday 6th October. Only Dave Binks and myself at Polhill on a rather misty, murky morning. We decided to go somewhere a bit closer to home rather than the official destination of Penshurst so did a 25 mile route to the Blue Anchor at Platt. It was dry up until lunch but the forecast rain came a bit earlier than forecast and it was already peeing down as we left the pub.

  19. Ken Dean Post author

    Wed 3 Oct. B2 Ride along the new A21 Cycleway between Tonbridge and Pembury
    13 riders met at the pond cafe in Otford before heading for yet more coffee at Kelly Holmes’ cafe in Hildenborough. We skirted round Tonbridge before climbing onto the new cycleway, which was first class and well worth exploring.
    After lunch at the Black Horse in Pembury we returned via Capel, Tudely and Hadlow where we recharged our batteries before climbing through Plaxtol. A pleasant autumnal day with little or no wind.
    Riders were, apart from myself, Neil, Dave Collier, Dave Parker, Trevor Sims, Di, Rosemary W, Cathy, Eric O’Connor, John Broadfoot, Chris Barnet, Mike Howe and Paul Hills. A small number departed en route in order to return home for important engagements.

  20. Richard Bingham

    P Ride 3 Oct
    Five riders to the Plough Smallfield. Along the top through Tatsfield and Woldingham before the fabulous drop down to Caterham. I’d forgotten about the climb out but as usual the view was worth it before the descent to the A25 and Nutfield. The usual scamper on the flats down to Smallfield only to find the Plough’s kitchen was closed. Up the road to Horne golf club which is very cyclist friendly and we sat in the large bar area and enjoyed a good selection of very reasonably priced bar snacks and meals. Perhaps one for other groups to check out? Perhaps the most hotly contested challenge was the shortest shorts comp. Danny Eagles is usually nailed on for this with his Daniel Craigs but today Keith Cooper took the honours with a pair of what could almost have been Speedos! The riders joining me were John Baker, Keith Cooper, Danny Eagles and Martin Gill

  21. rosemary wakefield

    B1 Ride 3rd Oct.
    To Lingfield we went with lunch at The Red Rhum Cafe. English food prepared by Italians – good and wholesome and very good price- should go ther more often instead of Lingfield pubs. Peter W Paul Mac Chris B new member Richard ? and me as leader.
    Mike W

  22. David Sims

    A2 ride report, 3rd October 2018. Rosemary Gray, Paul Dean, Ken Strange, Bob Stock, Paul McDonnell,, Tony Beaumont, Danny Gazzi, Steve Daniels, Peter Jones. Ride to Markbeech, uneventful, hilly and pleasant, good service at the Pub continues. The conversation at lunch turned to Roadkill which made me think the club could have a competition throughout the year. The most roadkill spotted by the group on any ride during the year. Groups would have to be honest so photographic evidence would not be required. The prize would be a stuffed squirrel bought by the committee presented at the AGM . A2 today One deer, 4 Badgers, 10 squirrels. The competition would be called the Roadkill Trophy, and of course be included in the constitution

  23. Pete Ham

    Wed 3rd October B2 Ride.
    Brasted, Toys Hill, Four Elms then , after conferring, the group redirected to Edenbridge and the splendid Minstrel Cafe.
    Emrys Wilson, John Ropkins, Paul Godfrey, and guest Tony Ham (no relation).

  24. Heather Sim

    Saturday morning rides; Please can you help me with 2 issues?

    First please would the person responsible for putting the rides list framework on the site – put in our rides from this Saturday onwards – as they appear to have stopped last week!
    Second – PLEASE volunteer to lead these rides. If you have any questions about this please contact me.
    Best wishes

  25. Cathy Sharman

    Dear B1 riders. I have decided to do the ride to TW.
    I am sure you will be able to sort a route. This is what I had planned to do
    From Coolings down Sundridge hill along the pligrims way then left down Breasted hill road, right along the A25 and left up to Toys hill.
    Right down Puddledock lane left at the bottom then right on the 269. Left after Crockham Grange, on to Swaymesland road , left on to Guildable lane. Right at the T junction over the railway line, left at the next junction back over the railway line then right and left, right at Haxted mill then left and follow the road through the school. Right on the B 2028 to Lingfield.
    In case I don’t see you again happy Christmas, happy new year and happy Easter

  26. Chris Simms

    A Ride, Saturday 30th September: Belated ride report. Five of us met at Lullingstone ( me, Bob Craig, Dave Binks, Danny Eagles and Ray Hardinge). We rode up through Farningham to Southfleet then back to Istead Rise, Meopham, Harvel, Vigo and Trosley before arriving at Dunks Green. Ray and Bob had turned for home during the ride so there were only three of us for lunch. The pub was quite busy, and the landlord was his usual happy self, but we were served quite quickly in the end.

  27. Steve Birkin

    David Keith’s A ride to Mundy Bois will now take place on October 10th and not October 17th as previously published. The A ride to Lingfield, previously listed for October 10th, will now take place on October 17th.

  28. Peter Woods

    Hi Mike, I will come on the ride with you tomorrow. 9.30 from Otford and expect to be early in order to have a coffee/toast for breakfast. I hope others will join us!
    I had the free AAA scan for men over 65 today. Please Google if you do not know about this important test and your doctor,(as mine), did not remind you.

  29. Cathy Sharman

    B1 ride Coolings to Greyhound Lingfield. Is there a B1 rider who could lead this on Wednesday 3rd October so I can do the TW ride.
    Many thanks in hope and expectation

  30. Barry Barlow

    Those joining me so far for the adventure into Essex next Monday 1st October are:- Joe McClenaghan, Heather and Trevor Sim, Danny Gazzi, Mick Cleary, Ray Hardinge, Chris Simms. If anyone else wants to join us the details are below and in the Events Blog. We will be riding at B Pace and anyone is welcome o join us whether you intend to come to Holland next year or not.
    The weather looks like it is going to be dry so I will not be cancelling.
    Here are the routes
    out –
    return –

  31. Ken Dean Post author

    B Group: A21 cycleway: Wed 3rd October
    The B1 ride to Tunbridge Wells has been cancelled.
    I will be leading a slightly easier B ride along the new A21 cycleway for lunch at Pembury, returning via Hadlow. I will be leaving Otford Pond at 10am, with a view to stopping for coffee at Kelly Holmes’ cafe in Hildenborough. The total length of the loop is 34 miles with no major climbs. The route is shown on the runs list.
    If the weather is poor the ride will be cancelled – so check the Blog/Runs List for updates.

  32. Dave Collier

    On Wed. 26th 18 riders set off from Swanley in the September sunshine heading for Greenhithe. We rode via Swanley Park and Hextable, then beside The Darent and through Dartford Park. We then followed Sustrans route 125 out to The Thames and along The Thames Path to Greenhithe. We had our lunch at The Sir John Franklin pub sitting overlooking the river.
    I forgot to record the names of the riders, so in order not to miss any names I won’t list any!

  33. Martin Gill

    Yesterday 7 Ps set off from Otford at 9 to ride the High Weald ride that was aborted a few weeks ago on account of heavy rain. This time there was perfect weather so it was a pity that Dave, John and Julian had to head back after a cafe stop at Brenchley. The rest of us skirted Lamberhurst and Wadhurst and rode through Stonegate to get to Mayfield where ate outside enjoying Indian summer warmth. We returned via Rotherfield, Eridge and Groombridge and had another cafe stop at Chiddingstone before crossing Ide Hill. The High Weald is a hilly area which makes for hard cycling but there plenty of good,views. Those out were Keith Cooper, John Baker, Danny Eagles, Martin Gill, Dave Hickman, Julian Hutchings, Colin Kane,

  34. David Sims

    A2 Ride report 26th September . Tony Beaumont led us in a loop via Knatts Valley, Terry’s Lodge, Fairseat, Bucklands, Luddesdown to The Ship ar Southfleet. Dave Sims, Steve Daniels, Paul McDonnell, Ken Strange, Danny Gazzi, Ray J, Rosemary Gray, Paul Macater, Josh Mcglenagn, Peter Pembery, Peter James, Peter Boden. Pub didn’t know we were coming, but responded magnificently, Food came out quickly and enjoyed by all.

  35. Steve Birkin

    11 As started and 10 arrived at The Greyhound at Hever on a perfect bright day for cycling. The route from Swanley went via Shoreham, Ide Hill and Chiddingstone Hoath.

    The 10 were: me, Barry, Chris, Ron, Dave, Mike, Rowland, Ray, Bob and Malcolm. David Keith left early on to get his teeth fixed – hope it went well David.

  36. Dave Collier

    Please note that the B2 ride on Wed. to Greenhithe includes some off road sections on compacted gravel paths including The Thames Path so suitable tyres are recommended. We are going to a different pub this time and hopefully the service will be a lot faster than last year!

  37. Barry Barlow

    I have redesigned the route to Harwich for the third time with input from Dave Collier, which cuts out the main road around Basildon, but is marginally longer and a bit hillier.
    I intend to go on an exploratory ride on a Monday 1st October. We will not be going as far as last time because the last ten miles are unchanged. So that means we will be going about eighteen miles into Essex. I will be catching the 10:30 ferry which would mean we still arrived at the pub about 12:30 barring incidents.
    I will be in Compton’s Café which is just up the high street on the right going southfrom 09:45. I am happy to ride at B pace so all are welcome.
    If you are interested in coming please let me know so that I can inform the pub. You will need to be at Gravesend pier by 10:15 or join me in the café.
    The weather looks like it is going to be dry so I will not be cancelling unless there is a drastic change.
    Here are the routes
    out –
    return –

  38. Paul Godfrey

    Just a reminder that the closing date for the survey is 30 September, if you would like to take part just following the link in the sidebar.

  39. rosemary wakefield

    Wednesday B1 Ride

    From Otford Pond at 0930 the ride will be to coffee at Brookside Garden Centre and lunch at Weeks Cafe Goudhurst and then on to Robertsbridge for train return.

    Weather looks good for Wednesday so look forward to seeing a good turn out.

    Mike Wakefield

    • Malcolm Austin

      New member living in Beckenham on what will be my first ride with the club – given the length of the ride envisaged I assume best for me to train it to Otford – it’s upto me I know but what’s the normal drill – do the start points generally attract local members from the area where it’s not such a distance to get to by bike?
      Just back from cycling in the Algarve where we generally covered 75-100kms depending on profile so length generally not a problem

  40. Steve Birkin

    4 of us – me, Rosemary, Ray and Rowland – met at Coolings with the object of riding to East Peckham. Rosemary and Ray left with the rain starting. Rowland and I decided to shorten the ride and stop at The Plough in Basted which is simple and friendly. Rode home in the rain. First outing of the winter bike for some months – a taste of joys to come.

    • Heather Sim

      Hello Danny, Barry has set up a WhatsApp group for all those who are going to Holland in June next year. It is a means of communicating with each other without using sending messages to those who are not interested, it is also quicker and more easy to use than the Blogg if communicating by smart phone when out and about. Best wishes

  41. Keith Cooper

    Wednesday’s ride for the Prem’s included all of three rider’s.. So we decided to go under the wing of the A1 group.. Martin Gill .. Julian Hatchings..
    And Meee’s
    Thank you to their leader Roland 🙂

  42. Paul Godfrey

    Leaving Dunton Green with me were Bernie, Emrys, Di, Cathy Sharman, Peter Hawker and Derek Hunter. Bernie left shortly after leaving and Emrys left at the top of Yorks Hill. Peter and Derek took the short route after Bough Beech leaving Di, Cathy and myself to enjoy a nice loop through Wellers Town and Penshurst to the Little Brown Jug.

  43. Ray Smith

    I was joined for the A2 ride today by two Peters, two Steves (one a guest) and one each of Paul, Malcolm, Danny and Rick. We seem to have soaked up the mishaps that other groups avoided. Non-guest Steve had a rear puncture at the foot of Toys Hill. Unfortunately, he had additional problems getting the wheel usable again. Reluctantly we left Steve with Rick to make a suitable repair to get Steve home and continued on our way up Toys. Danny picked up a slow puncture that obliged him to stop from time to time to re-inflate, and Paul had an issue with his chain. We went across to Ide Hill and on to Bough Beech reservoir and up to The White Rock at Underriver via Camps Hill. The ride was truncated due to time lost. The service at the pub and food were good and we were made to feel welcome. The highlights of journey home for most included Carters Hill and Knole Park.

  44. Roland Courtney

    A good A1 ride today in extremely blustery conditions but we all stayed upright and no mishaps suffered. We were joined by three prems who were otherwise leaderless, so 11 of us in all: Mick, Keith, Martin, Ray, Ron, Steve, Bob, Julian, Barry, Peter and myself. 26 mile loop via Ide Hill, Charcott, Hildenborough, Dunks Green, Crouch, Offham, to Trottiscliffe where we were served efficiently at the George, despite it being busy. Thanks everyone for a good day out.

  45. John Thompson

    R&C to LBJ 20 miles, the weather very inclement , no incidents to report.
    5 rides undertook the journey , Peter, Dave,Nick, Martin,and yours truly .
    Good day out.

  46. Cathy Sharman

    I should be leading on the 3rd October, Coolings to Lingfield Greyhound. But I really would like to do the reshedualed TW ride. Would anyone be prepared to take over. Thanjs

  47. Ken Dean Post author

    Wed 19th Sept B1 & B2 A21 Ride from Otford – CANCELLED
    Both of your leaders (Dave M & Ken) have gone down with heavy colds; decided to postpone to 3rd October

  48. Steve Birkin

    Saturday 15th September – 3 As today, Danny Eagles, Bob Craig and me. Rode to Kingdom at Penshurst on a lumpy but brisk ride. Returned via Ivy Hatch and Kemsing.

  49. Ken Dean Post author

    Sat B Ride from Otford Pond
    Lovely morning but only myself, Heather and Nathan out; (Nathan having found us at the recent Heavy Horse show). A gentle ride for coffee at Offham; returning via Crouch and Basted Mill.

    • Tricia Hewlett

      I would have been there Ken but trying to get to grips with my newly acquired smart phone…. yes I’ll be picking your brains at some point in the future! I hate it at the moment despite having all this time to play. I’m progressing slowly but stronger by the day. Hope to start swimming next week but feel it’ll be some while before back on my bike – confidence has taken a bit of a knock but I’ll be back!

  50. Ken Dean Post author

    Wed 19th A21 B Ride
    I have brought forward the departure time for the B2 ride to 9.15 from Otford Pond. This is so that the B1s can catch us up at Tonbridge and we can all ride together to TW.
    We are having coffee in TW and then on to a late lunch at The Little Brown Jug.
    Weather is looking OK.

  51. Peter Boden

    Premier ride Wednesday 12th.September. On a damp and dreary morning eight hardy riders met at Bridge.Joining me were Peter Hayes,Tony Beaumont,Rosie Gray,Richard Bingham,Colin Kane,Martin Gill and Keith Cooper.Our route was via Wye ( coffee cake,croissants and bread pudding for “the apprentice”) Westwell Leacon,Pluckley,Bethersden,Shadoxhurst for lunch where the service was very efficient and the food was good.We then went via Clap Hill,Lympne,Ealham to Bridge,stopping on route at the Vineyard between Ealham and Barham for afternoon tea.Great company and a good day out despite the weather.

  52. Chris Simms

    A1 Ride Wednesday 12th September. In the absence of our designated leader I led three other riders (Ron Castle, Ray Hardinge and Mick Cleary) via Brasted and Toys Hill. We had just passed Markbeech when Ray forged ahead and disappeared into the distance despite cries of “turn left”. He waited for us at the Spotted Dog for some time before checking the runs list and realising that we were supposed to be at the Little Brown Jug. He found us half an hour later and after lunch we set off for home together.

  53. emrys wilson

    I led the B2 ride to Trottiscliffe. Accompanying me were David Parker, Rosemary Wakefield, Bob Hazell, Paul Godfrey (thanks for back marker duties), Chris ? ( sorry, lost my serviette with names on) and Eric O’Connor. Peter Hawker and Derek Hunter came as far as Kemsing then made their own way to Trottiscliffe. Usual speedy service at The George, but I feel is starting to get a bit pricey. Rain held off until the way home, but only a slight drizzle. I had a couple of senior moments on the ride – thanks for the course corrections.

  54. David Sims

    A2 ride report, Wednesday 12th Sept. Riders, Peter Pembery, Peter can’t remember, Bob Stock, Steve Daniels, Paul Macater North Pole too cold, went to warmer climes at the Rising Sun instead via Peters Bridge. Light rain on the way home.. Perfectly judged paced ride arrived at 1300hrs and I didn’t lose anybody. Toasted sandwich and a pint £6.80 cracking. Looking forward to Roses next week and hopefully a return to hot weather lovely jubbly

  55. Steve Birkin

    Saturday 8th September: Steve Birkin, Ray Hardinge and Danny Eagles comprised the As who left Lullingstone for Penshurst. Ray departed half way and the route took us via Hildenborough, Charcott, Wellers Town and Chiddingstone Hoath. Came back via Ightham Mote. Danny had always used the car park route so we kept to the road instead – not sure that he wants to repeat it.

  56. Paul Godfrey

    A survey of start venues is being carried out following recent changes and feedback from members. Details of the on line survey can be found to the right of the web page. All responses will be anonymised and provided as feedback. Should you have any questions do contact Paul Godfrey

  57. Heather Sim

    Saturday Morning B ride from Otford Pond – will not be taking place this week, as we think everyone is away! If this is not the case please let me know. The next ride will be on the 15th September led by Ken Dean.
    Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

  58. Ray Hardinge

    The A1’s set off for Markbeech via Toys Hill and Four Elms, but of the 6 that started only 4 enjoyed lunch at the Kentish Horse. Ron (mechanical) and Steve (stuffed up nose) left us before we began the assault of Toys Hill. The damp finishers were Chris S. Mike, Barry and myself. The Kentish Horse was busy but service and food was good, as always.

  59. Heather Sim

    Nine B1s set off for the Green Man and enjoyed all 5% of the possible rain. All arrived safely spot on 1pm. The nonet were Peter, Paul and (Rose) Mary, Dave, Martin, Mike, Paul McAteer, Heather and Trevor.

  60. Ken Dean Post author

    B2 Ride to Hodsell Street, 5th Sept
    It rained (unexpectedly) for which some of us were unprepared. We there fore had a referendum (dangerous things) on the matter and was decided that we would have a delayed start in the hope that it would dry up.
    At about 11.20 the rain had nearly stopped and we decided on a dampish ride to Wrotham where we were made welcome in the normal fashion. A shortish ride where we probably spent more time chatting than riding. In the group I had, Eric O.Connor, Dave Collier, Brian Weekes, Mike Howe, Ken Mould and Peter Ham.

  61. Barry Barlow

    Monday 3rd September –
    Thanks to those joining me on a recce of the first part of the route to Harwich (Malcolm McIntyre, Ron Castle Mick Cleary, Chris ‘Simms and Ray Hardinge) . We had excellent weather and a reasonable ride. The lunch was good and the service pretty prompt. The ferry was brilliant a fantastic service. The only problem was a bit of main road which frankly was pretty bad.
    I have redesigned the route which cuts out the main road, but is marginally longer and a bit more hilly. Also it involves a bit of off road, so I think it needs exploring.
    Would any brave souls like to join me again in an exploratory ride on a Monday. We will not be doing the whole distance again as the last ten miles are unchanged. so that means we will be gong about eighteen miles into Essex. We could catch a later ferry say the 10:30 which would mean we still arrived at the pub about 12:30 barring incidents. Let me know if you are interested and I will pencil in a date.

  62. Steve Birkin

    A brilliant response from Meridian members at the Shoreham Heavy Horse Show today. Lots of people were interested in what we do and hopefully this will be translated into new members. Special thanks to the Wakefields for doing all the organising and especially to Mike for his excellent photograph stand. Trish Hewlett made a superhuman effort to support there club. All in all a very good day.

  63. Ken Dean Post author

    Shoreham Heavy Horse Show
    A super day is in prospect at today’s event. Why not have a ride out (car, bike or train) and have a great day out whilst at the same time supporting your club, the community and local charities. Be sure to look out for the Meridian stand.

  64. Chris Simms

    Sat. 1st September, A Ride:
    It was a bit lonely at High Elms with about two dozen walkers and a dozen dogs but no cyclists. Eventually Ray H turned up so we rode up to Downe, down to Brasted, up Ide Hill and down the other side before heading for Charcott and Ightham Mote. Having regained our breath at Ivy Hatch we both headed for home.