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Sat 29th Jan: New Highway Code

Posted by on 25 Jan 2022 in Meridian News, Uncategorized

. On Saturday a new highway code becomes effective; this is a major revision with significant changes to improve the safety of both cyclists an pedestrians. Paul Dean has written a short note outlining the changes; the full details of the changes are available on the government website

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What to do in an emergency

Posted by on 10 Dec 2021 in Meridian News, Uncategorized

. What 3 Words If calling the emergency services it is important to know your exact location; “somewhere on the Pilgrims Way” is not sufficient. What3Words is an app you can load onto your Smartphone; the app defines your precise location be displaying 3 words (eg, meat, cold & highway) – by quoting these words […]

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Club Videos

Posted by on 30 Oct 2021 in Meridian News, Uncategorized

A new feature has been added to the website – a series of videos catagorised as follows; Using ‘Ride With GPS’ and Use of ‘Garmins’ Club Holidays Members’ Videos Bike Maintenance Some of these have been produced by club members, others are from external sources (mainly YouTube). Members are invited to submit further suitable content […]

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Options; Third Party Insurance

Posted by on 01 Oct 2021 in Meridian News

A condition of membership of the club is that members have third party cycling insurance.

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Using the Website: Search Facility

Posted by on 30 Sep 2021 in Meridian News, Uncategorized

Search Facility At the top RH corner of the Home Page you will see a magnifying glass icon. Click on this and you will be able to search the contents of the Website. This is most useful if you want the contact details of other club members. Type in their name and the contact details […]

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Wednesday Start Venues

Posted by on 27 Aug 2021 in Meridian News

Support Wednesday start venues, particularly Swanley Olympic.

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Committee Minutes: 26th July 2021

Posted by on 21 Aug 2021 in Meridian News, Uncategorized

Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.

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Vaccine and Club Rides

Posted by on 27 Jul 2021 in Meridian News

The committee discussed the current situation at their meeting on 26th July in the light of the wide availability and take up of the vaccine, the continuing high level of new infections and the ability to meet at indoor venues. Whilst recognising that there are differing views amongst members, it approved the following temporary motion: […]

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AGM Papers: 3rd Nov 2021

Posted by on 31 May 2021 in Meridian News

. We will be holding our 2021 AGM at 14.00 hours on Wednesday 3 November 2021 at The Olympic, Swanley. This is our first opportunity since 2019 to discuss the affairs of the Club and there will be a number of important motions to be voted on. The AGM papers have been posted on the […]

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Committee Minutes: 29th March 2021

Posted by on 13 Apr 2021 in Meridian News

Committee Minutes: 29th March 2021

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