Holland: June 2019 – Updated

Dordrecht, Mon 10th to Mon 17th June

Heather and Barry have organised a club trip for June 2019. We are going to go to Holland via Harwich and stay in Dordrecht for five nights.

36 people have signed up (Click here for details)

We leave for Harwich on Monday 10th June in order to board the ferry about 20:00 for a departure at 23:00. All riders who have booked through the club should meet at the dock entrance at 19:30 in order to board as one group at 20:00.

We propose a group dinner on the ferry at 21:00 (that is when the restaurant opens).

We arrive in Hook of Holland at 08:00 on the Tuesday morning with breakfast included and have a very easy (34 miles direct) ride to the Hotel Stayok . We stay at the hotel for five nights.

We leave on Sunday morning to ride the Hook of Holland. We board at about 19:00 hours to depart at 22:00 hours. Once again we propose a group dinner on the ferry. We arrive in Harwich at 06:30 on the Monday morning where having had breakfast, we set off for home.

The rooms are all four bedded; these rates include breakfast and evening dinner each day.

Any outstanding payments should be made to the club account
Sort Code: 09 06 66 Account No. 43226774. With relevant reference
If this is not possible then you can send a cheque to Chris Simms
6 Petersfield Drive, Culverstone Green, Meopham, Kent, DA13 0TR.

Dinner Menu click here

Restaurant Opening times click here



Departure Arrival Duration
Out 2300 08:00 8:00
Return 22:00 06:30 9:30

The routes mentioned below eg. ‘Route 7’ refer to routes stored in the Runs Library

Travelling to and from Harwich

The majority of riders are making their own arrangements to get to Harwich. Most are going by bike/train although a few will be using 4 wheels rather than 2.
For those intending to cycle you might like to consider joining one of the following groups, albeit this not obligatory.
All riders who have booked through the club should meet at the dock entrance at 19:30 (there are toilets and a shop ) in order to board as one group at 20:00.

He will be cycling the whole way from Orpington to Harwich using Route 7, 86m. He intends to leave home at 9.15; getting the Gravesend ferry at 11am. This will be an A paced ride.

We plan to cycle from Eynsford, leaving DA4 0HU at 11.30am.  There is room to park at our address, but please let me know if you plan to ride with us so we do not leave without you!
We will cycle to Gravesend (aprox. 14 miles) and take the foot ferry to Tilbury.  We plan to get a coffee & lunch at Gravesend.  We are aiming for the 2pm ferry but will take the 1.30pm if we arrive early.
We will then cycle to Chelmsford Station (aprox. 30 miles).  We plan to take a train from Chelmsford to Manningtree (or train all the way to Harwich – weather and mechanicals dependant): we expect to take the; 5.04, 5.15 or 5.36pm.  We may cycle the final 11 miles from Manningtree to Harwich.  We aim to arrive in Harwick around 6.30 to 7pm.  This is intended to be a B1 paced ride.

David Parker

Meet at Liverpool Street at 12:15.
There are 2 suitable trains to Witham 12:38 and 12:48. Leave Witham about 13:30 plan to arrive in Colchester (about 20 miles) about 15:30, where we can stop for a late lunch or early tea break.
Leave Colchester by 16:30 an plan to arrive in Harwich (about another 20 miles) about 18:30.
Route is mainly following National Cycle Route 51, about 40 miles from Witham to Harwich.
This will be B1/B2 paced ride. Please let me know if you plan to come with me.

Ken & Di
We will be leaving Sevenoaks at 9am, cycling using Route 14 (22m); coffee at Horton Kirby and catching the Gravesend Ferry at 12am. We will then be using Route 17 (18m) to cycle to Shenfield before catching the train at about 3.30pm. Arriving at Colchester at around 4.15; using Route 16 (24m) we will then cycle to Harwich to arrive at about 6.30pm. This allows time for lunch and afternoon tea en route.  (If needed Manningtree – Harwich Route 15,  12m)
This will be a B2 paced ride.

If you intend to join any of the above groups, please notify the group leader(s)

Concessions on the Tilbury Ferry
This is an extract from the ferry website.
Travel is free at any time for holders of a Thurrock, Kent or Medway National Concessionary Bus Pass. Other National Concessionary Bus Pass holders travel will be charged at the child rate for a single or return before 9:30am on weekdays, and may travel for free at all other times.

Riding Groups in Holland

On most days, (including the rides to and from the ferry/hotel), there will be A, B1 and B2 rides. These are being coordinated by Chris Simms, Heather/Cathy and Ken respectively.

B1 Group Rides – subject to change
Tuesday – Ride to Hotel Route 40  (41m)
Wednesday – National Park  Route 11 (58m)
Thursday – Gouda via Kinderdijk  (Gouda Cheese Market 10-12.30)  Route 18  55m
Friday-  Bike free option water bus to Rotterdam (see ideas)
or self led, Route 34 (41 miles) or Route 51 (58 miles)
Saturday – Breda Route 22  (66m)
Sunday – Return via Delft Route 12  (46m)

B2 Group Rides – subject to change
Tuesday – ride to Hotel Route 40  (41m)
Wednesday – Easterly Loop via Almkerk  Route 41   (40m)
Thursday – Gouda Route 35  (44m) or Route 18 (55m)
Friday – Day out to Rotterdam by boat (bike free)- see Things to do in Rotterdam
or  self led National Park loop Route 30  (25m)
Saturday – River Loop Route 34 (41m) or Route 11 (58m)
Sunday – Return via Delft Route 12  (46m)

Packing reminder
Click here for Barry’s packing reminder

Food on Dordrecht Rides
Routes have been planned, but no specific cafes have been identified for midday refreshments. It would be a good idea to carry a couple of energy bars/biscuits as last resort should we not be able to find suitable watering holes.

Suitable Maps

Barry and Heather are using Falk maps Click Here.
11, 14, 15 & 17 cover the areas in which we are likely to cycle.

For Additional Information see Holland FAQs

Contact Data

Contact data for Barry, Ken and Heather (Member nos 1, 2 & 123) via the web site – click here


Over the next few weeks this page will be constantly updated with new and amended information – please keep your eyes open.