Isle of Wight; Sept 2021

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Cycling on the IoWuseful link

Details circulated by Heather 3rd July

Update 25 June
eMail Response from South Western Railways regarding bikes on trains

Thank you for contacting us.
If you are travelling with a bike and have purchased an Advance ticket for a train on which bikes are permitted but bike reservations are not possible, and there is no room for the bike on the booked train for the Advance ticket, then you can travel on the next train with the same ticket on which there is a bike space available.
Kind regards,
Sebastian Shephard
Customer Service Centre Advisor
South Western Railway

Details circulated by Heather 21st June

Update 12th March
An IoW WhatsApp group has been established for IoW specific chat. If you wish to join, direct your request to me. If you wish to leave the group then you are able to do this yourself on the WhatsApp app.

Update 9th March
Heather circulated an email requesting that all outstanding deposits be paid and that all participants respond to the email to confirm their acceptance and understanding of the conditions relating to Covid19 and the basis on which the bookings are being made. The deadline for both is 21st March.
There are currently 32 confirmed participants.

Update 3rd March 2021

It is assumed that all participants would take the Covid vaccine as and when it is offered. If anyone intends to refuse/delay the vaccine for whatever reason, then they should make this known to Heather and their intending room mate as soon as possible.


eMail – Open invitation to all club members

Update 2nd March 2021

I have been asked to let you know if you would like to join us but do not have a room mate in mind; that we have a male member who is keen to join the trip. Please contact me email or phone (01322 865147) if you may be interested.


Update 1 March 2021

IoW Trip; terms and conditions of booking

The club are prepared to make the bookings on behalf of members so that we can benefit from the ‘group discounts’.
Deposits are classed by the hotel as ‘returnable’ (see below). The club do not underwrite or guarantee the financial performance of the hotel, nor are we acting as their agent. Any such risk is the sole responsibility of the individual participant.
Payment of your deposit will be seen to be confirmation of your acceptance of this arrangement.

Hotel Policy on Cancellation: HF Holidays

In case your group holiday is cancelled following a Government announcement re Covid-19 restrictions we’ll give your group a choice to transfer to a different date and/or location, receive fully protected refund credit note (this can be used towards your future holidays with us, if holidays not booked by certain date it will guarantee your group a full refund) or a full refund.
If your group chooses to receive a full refund, you will be added to a refund list. We process refunds daily. Due to the volume of recent cancellations, it takes about 4-6 weeks for us to process them (we work in a request date order).

We advise people to take insurance:  one option is to use:

Update 1 March 2021

To club members who are not booked to go to the IoW

Do you fancy a 4 day cycling holiday to the Isle of Wight staying at HF Holidays Freshwater Bay? The hotel is booked from the 21st to 25th September? We have As and B1s & B2s so far and have 5 rooms spare. (It was booked to replace a trip to Holland in June). You will gather further information from the posts below.

We need a quick decision as we have the rooms on hold for a limited time. If you would like to book please let me know; will require a deposit of £75 with the booking the balance to be paid in August.


Update 28th February 2021

To those who were not booked on the Holland Trip but want to join the IoW Trip

To secure your booking
Please make a transfer of £75 per person to the Meridian Account. Please message Chris and I when you done this, we need this in the account by 21st March.  PLEASE NOTE the information regarding payments in the email circulated by Barry;  the deposit is non refundable unless the government causes a cancelation due to Covid –  please read the precise wording from HF Holidays in the email circulated by Barry (dated 24/2 see below) – they recommend holiday insurance.

Please ring me on 01322 865147 if you have any questions.

Update 26th February 2021

The Dutch trip planned for June 2021, (having been previously moved from June 2020) has now been moved to 6 July 2022, Updated information will be put on the website in the future.

We have arranged a short trip to the Isle of Wight from the 22nd September for 4 nights to HF Country House at Fresh Water Bay. This will be initially offered to those who had been planning to go on the June trip, this is because of a limited number of rooms. However we know that due to other commitments there will be some rooms available. All the rooms are twin and we are not allowed to use them for sole occupancy. If you feel you may like to join us please let me know and I will put you on a waiting list and also provide you with more information.

Please email me: Please let me know by midday on Sunday if you would like to be included.


Update: Wed 24th February 2021
eMail invite to those booked on trip to Holland