Meridian Holiday to Dordrecht July 2022

Update 23 June

Provisional B1 Runs List

Coordinator: Joe McClenaghan
Tuesday; Joe; Ferry to Hotel; KD03
Wednesday; Chris B; CHB3a
Thursday; Joe; Gouda; KD07
Friday; Paul Mc; Windmills; PG4
Saturday; Trevor; Dordrecht & Nat Park; HS1
Sunday; Joe; To Ferry via Delft; JM02

Provisional B2 Runs List

Coordinator: Ken Dean
Tuesday; Ken; Ferry to Hotel; KD03
Wednesday; Paul G; The Windmills; PG4
Thursday; Mike Yeo; Gouda; KD07
Friday; Di; Breda (Train rtn); Di01
Saturday; Heather; Dordrecht + Nat Park; HS1
Sunday; Ken; To Ferry via Delft; KD06

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Routes by Numbers

Routes for Dordrecht Project
Routes to and from Ferry

The A1s are riding 86m at A1 pace from Kent to Harwich (see BB1)
For the latter part of the journey they will be going in the vicinity of Chelmsford (47m to Harwich) and Colchester (17m to Harwich). By then they will have changed down a gear to B1 pace; anyone wishing to join them for the second part of the ride should contact Barry to arrange a meeting place.

Liverpool Street Station to Colchester
A group will be taking the train from Liverpool Street station (see PG3) to Colchester station, from where they will ride the 24 m to Harwich (see PG1). Contact Paul Godfrey for more details

Via Tilbury Ferry
Ken and Di are riding from Sevenoaks via the Gravesend ferry to Shenfield Station (total of 43m, see KD04 &KD02). They will then catch the train to Harwich. In the event of poor weather we will join Paul at Liverpool Street. Contact Ken for more details.

Rides whilst in Dordrecht
Barry is coordinating the A1s, Joe the B1s and Ken the B2s. It is hoped that there will be a selection of rides and leaders on offer.

From Ferry to Hotel at Dordrecht (and back)

On Tuesday Barry will be leading the A1s from the Ferry to the hotel (see BB2); on the following Sunday he will lead a ride back to the ferry (see BB7).
Joe will be leading a B1 paced ride from the ferry to the hotel (see KD03); on the following Sunday he will be leading a ride back to the ferry, via Delft (see JM02)
Ken will be leading a B2 paced ride from the ferry to the hotel (see KD03 ); on the following Sunday he will be leading a ride back to the ferry with the opportunity of visiting the Delft Pottery museum (see KD06)

On arriving back at Harwich people will head for home depending on how they feel at the time!

Update 20th May

The deadline for full payment is now passed. The payment covers the accommodation and meals on both the ferry and hotel (As specified in your original booking).

Update 4th May:
Extract from committee minutes 26th April 2022

Full payment of monies from members has been requested by 13th May in order that final payment of the full amount due can be made by the beginning of June. A reminder to participants was issued today (5th May).
Barry will be coordinating rides for the A riders, Joe McClenaghan the B1s and Ken doing the same for the B2s.
Leaders will be nominated/requested in due course.

Riders need to ensure that they have

People are getting to Harwich in different ways – some may cycle all the way (the As), others will take the train part of the way and cycle part of the way – some starting with a cycle using the Gravesend Ferry followed by train; whilst others are taking the train then cycling.  If you need any help with this please email me or Ken.; use the dedicated WhatsApp group to make comments and raise queries of general interest.

Update 11th March – Ferry Prices
Bike & Fare each way£35.00Single no window£55£55
Meal each£29.50Single with window£69£69
Double no window£64£64
Double with window£77£77
Update: 22nd Feb 2022

Following the change in guidance from the Dutch Government we are now able to pay the deposit for the trip when it is due in a few weeks time.  We wanted to take this opportunity to provide a recap on the current (from 25th February) situation, where quarantine is no longer required if you have been fully vaccinated (including booster).  This will give you time to consider if you are happy for us to pay your non-refundable deposit.

The £100pp non-returnable deposit for the Dutch trip is to be paid in early March; full and final payment is due in June. The £200 group deposit for the ferry has already been paid.

The following apply to Holland.

It is still our intention to proceed as planned.  Should you not wish to proceed, please email Heather by 1st March.

Participants are encouraged to express their opinions using the WhatsApp group before a final decision to proceed with Holland is made at the early of March. 


Heather, Ken & Barry.


The holiday will start with an overnight stay on Harwich to the Hook of Holland boat on the 4th July: some groups may ride part way or all the way to Harwich others may decide to park at the port or take the train all the way. We will then cycle the approximately 40 miles to Dordrecht, almost entirely on cycle paths. We will stay at the hotel for 5 nights then return, with an overnight stay on the boat. We will be away for 7 nights and 8 days, arriving back in the UK on Monday 11th July. We have all the available rooms on hold, so it will be first come first served if we find we are over-subscribed.

Holland is a great place to cycle, as most of the population cycle making it extremely cycle friendly with nice small towns and villages for refreshment stops.

The accommodation is Stayokay Dordrecht, which has a friendly team who made us feel very welcome 2 years ago. The hotel is on the outskirts of the town near a nature reserve and water bus stop for those who fancy a day out in Rotterdam, or if some of you wish to take noncycling partners. Click here for Hotel details

We plan to have bed and breakfast plus evening meal, there is also a bar at the accommodation.
All rooms have en-suite facilities and have the ability to hold 4 people (2 twin beds and a set of bunks). The room cost, including evening meal and breakfast is: 46 euros/person/night
They can be used as:
Single occupancy with a supplement of 26 euros /room/night.
Double occupancy with a supplement of 21 euros /room/night.

So a room with 2 people, inclusive of evening meal and breakfast will cost:
46 x 2 = 92 plus 21 = 113 per night for 2 people or 56.5 euros /person/night, which is 282.5 euros for the 5 nights.

All individuals will made their own arrangements to and from Harwich. We plan to make a group booking for the boat to enable us to benefit from the group discount. The prices will probably not be available until January 2022. To feel fresh and to enjoy the experience we recommend booking a cabin with facilities (which we found to be very good last time), however this is personal choice. The cost for this plus the evening meal in the Restaurant last time were very similar to those of Premier Inn. The detail for this will be sent to all who book the trip as soon as it is available by Barry. If you know what you want now please include your expression of interest now.

Booking & booking conditions
If you would like to book to take part in the trip please would you respond to me using the linked form by 31st November, together with paying the deposit of £100/person using a bank transfer to the club (details on the form).

Last time we asked for £100 deposit to secure your booking, which we were able to get returned when the trip was cancelled due to Covid. However we must stress that the club is not responsible for insuring your money or your health. We suggest that everyone travels with a UK Global Health Insurance Card and takes out travel insurance to cover themselves from all possible eventualities.

Room sharing – please note that the club does not take any responsibility for this; it is down to the individuals to either find a replacement or for them to pay the extra should your room-mate cancel.

Covid – participants are expected to accept all vaccines that are recommended by the UK Government at any time before departure date. Bookings are accepted on this basis only.

In 2023 we are planning a 4 night stay in June at the HF Hotel in the Cotswold’s, information will be available in spring 2022.