Fred Gardner; Funeral Arrangements

I am sad to report that Fred, who was a cyclist of some reputeĀ  and had been a member of Meridian, has recently passed away. His funeral is to take place on Wednesday 17th July at Bluebell Cemetery. The funeral procession will be assembling at Polhill roundabout at 1pm; leaving at 1.15 to travel slowly the short distance behind the hearse to the cemetery. The funeral itself commences at 1.45pm.

The family would like friends of Fred to cycle behind the cars and be present at the funeral; if possible in club kit. People attending are invited to the wake which will take place at 7 Martin’s Shaw, Chipstead after the service..

Riders intending to attend the event are asked to ring Len Brown (01689 858464) beforehand so that numbers at the wake can be estimated.