Joining Form Success

Thank you for completing the Joining process

Your status will be Pending_Member until we have received your £10 joining fee  and your application has been processed. You will then be shown as ‘Member’. This will normally be within 36 hrs of receipt of you fee.

The Final Steps

Update your details by going to the ‘Update Form’ (found under the Login tab).

It is a club requisite for insurance purposes that you join one of the cycling associations (Cycling UK, London Cycling Campaign, British Cycling). This was an optional field on the joining form, but is a required field on the update form.

You will also see entries for Blog mails- this is asking if you wish to receive an email every time a member makes a blog entry. Most people opt for this as it keeps them in touch with what is going on.

There is an entry for ‘Riding Groups’. You can select any group(s) that you wish to ride with. Completing this entry allows the runs coordinators to communicate better with you.