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  1. Steve Birkin

    There were 6 As today for the ride to The Greyhound at Hever. The route went via Westerham, Crockham Hill, Staffhurst Woods, Haxted and Edenbridge. We came back via Ide Hill. A good ride on almost dry roads to Hever, but wet after lunch. The welcome, service and food were excellent (as usual) – especially as Caroline seems to give us a discount.
    The 6 were, me, Ray Hardinge (who left us as Crockham Hill), Chris Simms, Bob Craig, Danny Eagles and Dave Binks.

  2. Steve Birkin

    Next Wednesday 12th December, the A1s will be going to The Plough at Leigh. The pub has been informed and will reserve a table. This will be the first time that a club group has been to the Plough, but Bob Craig and myself have been there before and it was very good.

  3. Pete Pembery

    On a damp gloomy day, 5 A2 riders set sail to the Rose and Crown Halstead, via Knats Valley, Heversham, Kemsing, Otford with me, Ken S, Bob S, Danny G, and Pete J Bob and Ken left us at Kemsing, Danny Pete and myself carried on to the pub, were we met with Tony B and a nice surprise Rick Green

  4. brian weekes

    Wed 5th Dec.A gloomy day and a forecast of heavy rain,so few riders at the Olympic.B1 and B2 combined on a shorter ride than planned .Through Swanley Village South Darenth Horton Kirby and Knatts Valley to tackle Tinker Pot,A20 to Brands Hatch where Paul H.showed us a route through to Scratchers Lane.Soon we were enjoying lunch at Speedgate. We being Heather and Trevor Simm David Parker,Peter Woods Paul Hills and myself Brian Weekes.Good company on a dull day.

  5. Ken Dean Post author


    Wed 5 Dec at the Olympic
    Despite the poor weather many people were brave enough and drove to Swanley for coffee and a chat. The really hardy ones even went on their bikes. Dave and I had a game of snooker and a sandwich at the Pied Bull in Farningham

  6. Heather Sim

    There will be no formal Saturday morning B rides until Easter but we have set up a Whats App group (called Saturday morning B Rides!) so people can organise rides themselves. If you would like to be included in the group please email me on or via the website.

  7. Keith Cooper

    Wednesday’s Prem ride destination The Rising Sun East Malling. The inclement weather forecast leading up to that morning was showing we would get wet by 12 which we understood however it never happened we did get a fair share of light rain being blown in the the gusts our avg was still good. There was only three all weather rider’s out Richard Bingham. Martin Gill. And Myself. We made our way to Otford used the Pilgrim’s way to Snodland then Aylesford
    Thanks to Richard for being on the front for so long Martin was up and running to maybe due to being able to see more with his eye problem but in all we stopped a few times to say how much we enjoyed the winter work out
    Just like to say we was talking to Tony at the start .. And asked about Peter B. And was told about the operation.. has not gone as well as planned.. we all said how much we wish you speedy recovery

  8. John Thompson

    having read the item on insurance, and who is covered, begs the question what training is required by C.T.C. with regard to ride leaders. I understand from other clubs that cycling/running/ walking leaders are required to have had some training and are registered as leader with the organisation they represent. what is the policy of Meridian.

    • Chris Simms

      John, I don’t believe that any training is required by Cycling UK/CTC. Our club insurance states that ride leaders are covered providing that the event (the ride) is run in accordance with any guidance issued by Cycling UK and in particular that you are aware of all participants on the ride by collection of names or by completion of an entry form. Hence the blog must include the names of all participants to prove that we have effectively collected the names.
      The insurance guidelines also recommend (but do not require) that ride leaders are registered with Cycling UK. We have notified Cycling UK that all our club members are potential ride leaders.
      Hope this answers your questions.

        • Chris Simms

          It doesn’t say so specifically but I don’t see how you can identify someone without a surname. There are countless Peters, Johns, Davids, Chriss etc. in the club.

          • Bob Hazell

            Thanks Chris. So as the surnames are collected anyway it’d be nice if they were given in the Blog reports. Otherwise unless you were on the ride you don’t know which Peter, John, David or Chris is being referred to (which can make for very boring reading!). All the best bob (hazell)

  9. Peter Hawker

    ‘C’s report for Wed., 28th November.
    The ‘C’s, just me, joined the ‘B’2’s’, Diana leading Cliff, to Oxted, Wetherspoons (preferable to Chiddingstone in the unsympathetic weather conditions). Rained on a bit, blown about a lot, one flooded bit of road but a worthwhile ride nevertheless.
    Were entertained in the rail underpass by a busker – “Return to Sender”. Disappointed that I had no small change for him and when I did have as we left, he’d departed unrewarded (by us anyway).

  10. rosemary wakefield

    B1 Ride 28th Nov.
    With peter and richard we drizzled our way to the Little Brown Jug for a leisurely lunch and on return had the wind behind us up Hale Oak Road and Bailey`s hill. Where did the B2`s go?
    Mike W

  11. Chris Simms

    Wednesday 28th November – A1 Ride: Only two of us at coffee (myself and Roland Courtney). Roland had to be home early so we cancelled the pub booking at The George but did most of the planned ride anyway. Some very mucky roads in places and miserable weather but we didn’t really get wet.

  12. brian weekes

    Remember the GOLDING HOP?at one time a popular stop .Not to far for a winter stop and a sun trap in summer.The owners Eddie and Sonia retired and sold up a few years ago.Eddie had his own rules that regular visitors got to know after time.Coffee was only served on Wednesday after Sonia had served the main meals,asking for coffee if you visited on another day was likely to be greeted with ,this is a pub and its object is to serve beer.The t.v.set on the shelf at the end of the bar was not for customers and on no account were you allowed to change channels to something you wanted to watch.After a cold ride your attention was drawn to the notice by the fire.DO NOT HOG THE FIRE ,one member denied this luxury by the guvnor was told,This is my house and i make the rules,he whispered to me ,i thought it was a public house.Well the pub is now a tea shop and i was told that Eddie died recently.I always enjoyed visits to the GOLDING HOP USUALLY coming away with a smile, it was good while it lasted

    • Bob Hazell

      Thanks for the sad news about Eddie Brian. He could be “challenging” but he was one of a kind, not a slave of the marketing men – and with no idea of portion control. I remember many a vast meal and even the odd cup of coffee when he softened with age! Another bit of Kentish cycling folklore slips into history. All the best bob

  13. Steve Birkin

    Calling all A1s. I’m off to Yorkshire tomorrow but I’ve told The George that you are coming.If the ride is cancelled please can someone inform the pub.

  14. Barry Barlow

    A rode Wednesday 28th November – I have got a very bad cold from my grandchildren and so will not be coming out tomorrow and hence you have no leader. My planned route has been published if you wish to use it. Otherwise you will have to elect a leader among yourselves. I am vey sorry out this , but I can do nothing about it. – Except moan

  15. Richard Bingham

    Wednesday 21 Nov: Six riders for the Prems ride to winter favourite The Queens Head at Downe.

    Out West along the top (Halstead, Knockholt, Tatsfield etc) down Gangers, through Woldingham School and up the feature climb of the day Bug Hill – I remain indebted to Peter Boden for introducing me to this cracking climb

    As we meandered back East from Warlingham rather unfortunately I turned right at the Addington crossroads instead of going North up Layhams. This over exuberance meant we were confronted with the horrible Stock Hill into Biggin. Apologies to all. After the obligatory gallop through Single Street we got to the pub in good time and enjoyed lunch in the usual comfy arm chairs in front of the open fire. The only thing missing was Ozzie’s steaming kit in front of it!

    The six riders were Keith Cooper, Danny Eagles, Paul Geradine, Martin Gill, Dave Hickman and me

  16. John Broadfoot

    Ooops sorry guys and gals late report on B2 ride last Wednesday ! Very pleasant ride in good company with better weather than expected. Route – Polhill, Knockholt, Spinning Wheel, Clarks Lane, Limpsfield Rd, then down to the welcoming Bear. Food good but service a little slow. Those present , Ken, Di , Rosemary, Heather, Trevor , Paul, Emrys, Dave, Brian et moi.

  17. Chris Simms

    Saturday 24th November: Only me at Lullingstone for coffee but Dave Binks turned up just as I was about to leave. We did a 24 mile ride to the Blue Anchor at Platt, which was warm and welcoming as usual, on a dull and miserable day – but at least it stayed dry.

  18. Chris Simms

    Saturday 24th November: Only me at Lullingstone for coffee but Dave Binks turned up just as I was about to leave. We did a 24 mile ride to the Blue Anchor at Platt, which was warm and welcoming as usual, on a rather dull and miserable day – but at least it stayed dry.

  19. Steve Birkin

    21st November A1 ride to the Spotted Dog at Smarts Hill. The route went via Shoreham, Ide Hill and Chiddingstone Hoath. The 9 enjoying cold but dry conditions were: Tony Reeve, Barry Barlow, Ron Castle, Richard Jones, Dave Binks, Ray Hardinge, David Keith and me.

  20. Danny Gazzi

    Wed 21st Nov A2 ride. 7 of us set off from Polhill through Eynsford, Horton Kirby, Longfield, and towards Istead Rise, where I made the small mistake of turning right into Longfield Ave rather than going on to Broad Ditch Rd. This had a short stretch of mud and potholes, at the sight of which Peters Jones and Pembery turned back, not to be seen again. To be fair to Peter J, he was probably keen not to add to his tally of punctures for this week. 20 yards later, we were back on tarmac, onto Longfield Hill and up the gradual climb of Hartley Bottom Rd, to the Black Horse at Stansted. We realised how high we had climbed when we saw the snow in the pub garden, so we sat inside, near the log fire. Food was good and quick to arrive, and the staff were very welcoming, even though they had been expecting about a dozen of us. The 5 who made it to the pub were Steve Daniel, Dom Haslam, Paul McDonnell, Bob Stock and myself.

  21. Paul Dean

    Wednesday 21 November B1 Ride. After the wet weather of the last couple of days, the weather today was cold but sunny. Our route took us through Knockholt, Tatsfield, Woldingham, up Col de Slines Oak, and Worms Heath. The White Bear was warm and food good. The B1 riders were David Morgan, Chris Brett, Martin Pickett, Mike Yeo (who left us at Tatsfield), back marker Nick Leng-Smith and myself.

  22. Paul Godfrey

    All B riders. The Botley Hill Farmhouse is not able to cater for us on Wednesday. I have made a booking at The White Bear, Fickleshole as a nearby alternative.

  23. ronald castle

    A1 ride Wednesday 14th November Lullingstone to Aylesford.
    Nine riders joined me on the ride to the Chequers pub. We went via Eynsford, Knatts Valley, up Tinker Pot to the A20 then Fairseat, Vigo, Birling Hill to Snodland and across the Medway Bridge to Peters Village. The pub is under new management and although the food was good the wait was far too long. Joining me were Chris Simms, Ray Hardinge, Dave Binks, Steve Birkin, David Kieth, John Ball, Roland Courtney, Barry Barlow and Mick Cleary.

  24. Peter Hawker

    The assisted ‘C’s (Derek Hunter and your correspondent) took the direct route to Stansted and were comfortably established in the bar of the Black Horse well before the ‘B1’s and 2’s’ arrived. A lovely day – we enjoy them when we can.

  25. Pete Pembery

    10 A2 riders left Lullistone on route to The Tallly Ho, we rode via Shoreham, Chipstead, Pilgrims way,up Clerks lane, and then to Tatsfield and headed to Hawly Corner ,Jail Lane, then back through the lanes to Hawly, Greys lane top of Hoggstrough and wound our way to the pub, with me Ken, Bob, Nick, Steve, Ray, Tony, John, Paul, Pete Jones, who done a great job as back marker .

  26. Paul Godfrey

    B2 ride from Lullingstone, following my delayed arrival and failure to have the route on the Garmin I was ably assisted by Dave Collier and others in devising a very nice route on the fly to Stansted. Joining me were Dave, Mike Yeo, Paul Hills, Di, Peter Scott, Brian Weekes. Emrys, Rosemary and Cliff Bell who left us at Farningham. We were overtaken by the B1’s but just managed to get to the pub before them. Thanks to all for the company on a very nice ride.

  27. Heather Sim

    On a lovely sunny day for November the B1 ride left Lullingstone Visitors Centre making for the Black Horse at Stanstead we travelled via Swanley Village, South Darenth, Southfleet and Hartley Bottom. I was fortunate to be accompanied by Paul Dean, Mike Wakefield, John Broadfoot, Chris Barnett, Clive Adams, John Rowlings, Dave Morgan, Chris Brett, Richard Bull, Martin Pickett and thank you to our excellent back marker Dave Parker.

  28. Heather Sim

    Christmas Lunch
    Thank you to all those who have placed their order and paid Chris Simms. If you have not booked and would like to join us, please book on line by midnight tonight (Monday).

    If you hope to attend but are unable to commit at this stage, please email me on;, with your name, number of people and date by which you will be able to finalise the booking with payment. The restaurant have been very helpful and I am happy to ask them if we could have a few probables, who are not yet definite!

    Thank you

  29. Chris Simms

    Saturday 10th November. I was joined by Dave Binks, Bob Craig, Peter Woods and new member Richard Bush for a leisurely ride to the Man of Kent for lunch. We tackled Toys Hill then cut across to Ide Hill before dropping down Bayleys and making our way via Weald and Hildenborough to East Peckham. Dry, sunny and mild – what more can you ask for in November.

  30. Danny Gazzi

    Just a note to record that there wasn’t really an A2 ride on 7th Nov, although I had been down to lead one. Apart from me, only Tony Beaumont turned up, so we tagged onto the 3 Prems for about 11 miles before peeling off to have lunch at the Lamb Inn 9 miles later, before the AGM.

  31. Ray Hardinge

    All sorts of MTB and Road bits and pieces going to the first member who comes round and picks them up.
    Come round to 1, Valley Drive, Sevenoaks, TN13 1EG (2 mins from the town centre) this weekend and have a look.

  32. Barry Barlow

    Wednesday 7th November. On a very inauspicious day (I only got slightly damp on the way to the Olympic) 5 As set off for our pre AGM ride. After Well Hill we made a tour of Sevenoaks ending up at the fabulous thatched house in Godden Green. We travelled home on the well ridden route through Kemsing. It remained dry the whole time except for the last 3miles where it was clear it was going to pour. At this point I have to admit I put on a burst of speed and left my flock behind. It did mean that I managed to return to the Olympic before the rains really started. Five minutes later the heavens opened. Riding with me were Bob Craig who left early for grandparent duties the rest of the stragglers were Chris Simms, Ron Castle and David Binks.

  33. Peter Woods

    2B or not 2B? The answer is yes: 2 B1s, Dave Parker and I were the only riders at the start. Others had found out I was leading and stayed away – or was it the weather conditions? We did not have any rain all day, except for a little on the way home, which encouraged me to clean two bikes with my cup of tea. Strange to use tea?!
    Our short route, in order to have an early lunch before our AGM, was via Farningham, Horton Kirby, Darenth, Hextable, Swanley Village plus a loop back to the Olympic.
    My thanks to all committee members, who give their time and energy to ensure we have a vibrant and efficiently organised Club.

  34. Paul Hills

    B2 ride Weds 7th Nov – The weather obviously scared people off. I arrived at the Olympic just after 10, to find only 3 other bikes parked up. In the end we mustered a group of five, me, Di Outram, Paul McAteer, Brian Weekes and Chris Brett. The ride took in Dartford FC, Bluewater, (a thrill for Di, honestly), Greenhithe, a loop of Ingress to get in our view of The Thames. Then back over the M25 near the tunnels, on the Fastrack Bus Route. Through Central Park in Dartford, and another expanding industrial estate at Hawley, before heading back to the Olympic. Now for a list of apologies. I had given my AGM apologies to Paul Dean prior to the ride. I apologise for my timing which meant a late arrival for the B2`s back at the Olympic. I apologise for some of the road works traffic making life difficult. Finally, I apologise for the heavy shower in the last mile, having defied the forecast and enjoyed nice weather up to that point.

  35. Bob Craig

    A1 ride Sat 3 Nov.
    3 of us left Polhill to Kemsing via Lullingstone, Eynsford, South Darenth up School Lane and down Scudders up through West Kingsdown and down through Heaverham to Kemsing. I was joined by Roland Courtney and Dave Binks. Roland and I were not able to stop for lunch so we all made our way straight home.

  36. Ray Hardinge

    Our 2018 Member’s Photo Gallery is still missing a few photos. If yours is missing (i.e. has an “Awaiting Photo” notice) and you’d like to have your photo inserted, please either see me (I ride with the A1’s) or Ken Dean and we will take one for you, or you can send me one of your own using the Gallery > Photo Upload facility on the web site.
    Or, if you’d just like to replace your existing photo with a more recent/impressive photo, I’ll be very happy to update it too.

  37. Daniel Eagles

    A belated report for Wednesday 31st October, Rushmore Hill to The Barley Mow at Tandridge,
    Eight Prems left Coolings on a bright but chilly day, our route took in, Badgers Mount, Polhill, Otford, IDE Hill, Hever, Marsh Green, Haxted Mill. to the Barley Mow at Tandridge, 31miles, although it was a steady ride some of the prems found it hard to adjust to my pace so I had to slow down?
    The pub was very accommodating and the food was very good.
    The riders were, Richard Bingham, Peter Gray, Paul Geradine,Keith Cooper, John Baker,Dave Hickey,Colin Kane and myself.

  38. Ken Dean Post author

    Squerryes Estate & Winery

    I suspect most of our members have ridden along the Pilgrims Way and noticed, on the outskirts of Westerham, a field of vines adjacent to the road; I’ve found out what it is!
    This morning, reluctantly, I was shopping in the supermarket with Jane in Sevenoaks and, to pass the time, wandered over the wine and beer section where I was met by two very pleasant young ladies who invited me to taste some sparkling wine. The whole experience was very pleasant and entertaining.
    They were representing Squerrryes Estate and Winery from Westerham and the wine was from the above mentioned field(s). The website is at

    Just thought somebody may be interested.

  39. Paul Hills

    B2 ride Weds 7th from The Olympic will be the “Paul`s Not Pretty AGM Ride”. Generally flat route will take in Dartford FC, Bluewater, Greenhithe, Dartford Bridge Estate, Central Park. It is 17 miles, but if we have time could become 18.5 to take in Ingress Abbey. Plan to set out 10.45 if possible so we can enjoy the smells, cranes, fly tipping and other rubble. Paul