CoronaVirus and Club Rides

Update 14/9

Meridian guidelines amended in line with CyclingUK guidance – Group size reduced to a max of 6 riders.

Update 12th Sept

The Club Runs List is back in operation

Runs group coordinators can now place details of rides on the runs list. Please do your best to support them and volunteer to lead a ride if you can. Their email addresses can be found under Contacts – so let them know if you have an idea for a ride.

All rides should abide by club guidelines that are clearly stated on the website.


Update 7th Sept

Over recent months the club has not supported or publicised ‘formal’ club rides. During this period groups of riders have been communicating informally (using WhatsApp) to organise informal rides between themselves at short notice. This has worked after a fashion, but has serious shortcomings, including

At the start of September CyclingUK, to our surprise, announced that groups of 15 riders is now permitted. We have been in contact with CyclingUK and determined that this applies to situations where there is an organised sporting activity and requires that clubs must comply with a specific action plan agreed between that sporting governing body and the government. For Meridian, the governing bodies action plan to be complied with is that of Cycling UK.

Under these circumstances the club is reinstating formal clubs ride that will be published on the runs list in the normal fashion.

You are encouraged to read the following documents.

CoronaVirus: Meridian Policy and Guidance

Meridian Risk Assessment -Draft

CyclingUK;  Advice and guidance for group cycling

CyclingUK; Q&A: is it safe to cycle?

CyclingUK; Tips for socially distant cycling

6 Sept 2020