How Do I Become a Member

After you have read this page you may join the club by clicking the link below.


You have to register. As with all sites that have member specific data you have to be registered and logged in to view this data.


After you have registered, you will be redirected to the login page. Here you will need to login – do not forget the password you just used to register!!


After you log in for the first time after registering, you will automatically be directed to the club  joining form page.
This page has all the information about joining fees and how you pay. The fees are £10 per year and £5 if you are over eighty.
You will be asked to fill in  some details about yourself for the club records. (Please see our data protection statement referenced the footer of each page). Please fill in these details carefully especially the telephone numbers as these may be needed if  you or your emergency contact needs to be contacted.


You will need to pay the club subscription as described on the joining form.


You will need to be a bit patient while our administration processes your application. this should not take more than 24 hours.
Your status will be changed to member and you will be able to access all the member specific pages.