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Welcome this is the form for
The Meridian Holiday to Rouen 10 to 15 June 2018

We will need your passport details for the travel manifest which is a mandatory requirement of the carrier.
Please enter them when convenient. Note: these details cannot be seen by any other traveller.

Members interested in holiday so far
Last Name First Name Phone Number Add/edit
Travel data
sharing with Data entered
Adams Clive 07973 956251 Edit Data Andrew Duncan No
Almuli Zoran 07720 351982 Edit Data No
Barlow Barry 07747 068072 Edit Data Ken Dean No
Binks David 07917 247935 Edit Data No
Birkin Steve 07542 923684 Edit Data Yes
Brett Christopher H 07740 289590 Edit Data Chris Simms Yes
Broadfoot John 07968 147022 Edit Data Yes
Cleary Mick 07837 381730 Edit Data No
Dean Ken 07887 577908 Edit Data Barry No
Dean Paul 07752 484570 Edit Data Yes
Duncan Andrew 07764 219773 Edit Data Clive Adams No
Ford Colin 07938 836937 Edit Data Linda K No
Gazzi Danny 07855 405382 Edit Data Joe McClenaghan Yes
Ham Pete 07818 352430 Edit Data Chris Rice No
Hardinge Ray 07879 628684 Edit Data No
Hewlett Tricia 07598 910173 Edit Data Valerie No
Holben Valerie 07976 974544 Edit Data Tricia No
Kemp Linda 07752 019188 Edit Data No
McClenaghan Joe 07985 645784 Edit Data No
Morgan David 07979 241288 Edit Data No
Outram Diana 07909 838800 Edit Data Kami No
Parker David 07511 573753 Edit Data Yes
Rice Chris 07941806423 Edit Data Peter Ham Yes
Ropkins John 07802 734959 Edit Data No
Sharman Cathy 07465 727547 Edit Data No
Sim Heather 07502 035983 Edit Data Trevor Sim No
Sim Trevor 07707 478664 Edit Data Heather No
Simms Chris 07502 198243 Edit Data Chris Brett Yes
Slade Brian 07908 632929 Edit Data Yes
Thompson John 07773 416478 Edit Data No
Total number interested so far = 30
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