New Runs Library

The library allows members to display and download rides that have been submitted by fellow members.
To view stored rides select the appropriate ‘Group’ or ‘Ride Type’ as shown below.     


Riding Group Ride Type
All Groups Midweek
Prems Saturdays
As Car/Train Assisted
Bs Holland

Submit your own route to the library

1. Create your own route using RideWithGPS.  (See FAQs below)

2. From RideWithGPS, obtain a link that points to, or displays your route. (see FAQs below)

 3. Complete the Form; this will then add your route to the library for other riders to view.



Further information on how the system works is shown below.

 a. How do I Download a GPX File from RideWithGPS to use on my Garmin?

Display the route from the library, it will be displayed in RideWithGPS.

If in the LH column the following is shown (you are already logged in)

then click the box and the gpx file will end up in your download folder.

Should the following be displayed (you are not logged in)

Then Click on ‘More’ at the top of the page
Choose ‘Export as file’
Choose ‘GPX Track’
Then ‘Download gpx file’ as above.

 b. How do I Submit a Ride to the Library?

Firstly you need to create a route using RideWithGPS 
Save and display the route. You then need to obtain the link that that points to your route.
Look at the top LH side and you will see     Select ‘Share’.
You will then see  From which you select ‘Copy Link’
The appropriate link is then stored your Clipboard ready to be pasted (mouse Right Click) into the Form.

Then  Complete the Form; this will then add your route to the library for other riders to view.

c. Why RideWith GPS?

Most club members use RideWithGPS, albeit Strava works in a similar fashion.
There are other similar programs such as Google Connect, Basecamp, BikeHike etc – but life is too short to cover them all here.

d. How do I load a Ride onto my Garmin

Locate the GPX file on your computer.
Plug in your Garmin and locate the Garmin directory.
Copy the GPX file into the folder named ‘New Files’.
Eject and unplug the Garmin – the new route will appear under ‘Courses’.

e. How do I create a New Route in RideWithGPS?

For an introduction on how to create a route have a look at this video.
It’s not difficult, have a word with Paul.

f. How do I Delete an Existing Library Entry?

Contact Paul Godfrey and he’ll do it for you.

g. How do I Update an Existing Entry

The route is saved in your account with RideWithGPS. You can go to your account , select ‘Saved Routes’, find the route and select ‘Edit’. The ride can then be edited and saved over the top of the original version.
Any other changes (eg to the description) it’s best to ask Paul to delete your entry and start again.

h. Can I use this feature to add my Route to the weekly Runs List?

No! – but we are heading in this direction.
In the meantime let Paul have your Route (as a RideWithGPS link or as a GPX file) and he’ll do it for you.

i. Somebody has sent me a GPX file – what can I do with it?

You can do two things with a GPX file.
1. Load it onto your Garmin and go for a ride.
2. Upload it into RideWithGPX and look at the route in detail.

j. Where are the Routes Stored?

The library points to rides stored in the RideWithGPS account of the person who submits the route.
If you submit a ride please don’t delete it from the list of rides stored in your account!