Options; Third Party Insurance


A condition of membership of Meridian is that members have third party cycling insurance. This protects the rider and the club (and its officers), against claims from third parties. Eg. If a rider accidently hits and injures a person on a zebra crossing, then that person may make a claim that, depending on the circumstances, might be substantial. Third party insurance does not cover loss or damage to yourself or you bike.

The club accepts insurance that comes automatically from being a member of CyclingUK (CTC), London Cycling Campaign (LCC), British Cycling (BC) or London Clarion Cycling Club (LCCC); it does not recognise any other provider. Up until now most Meridian members have decided to become members of CTC;  full membership is now £50pa.

The purpose of this note is to explain the options that are available from LCC, BC and LCCC. It is not a recommendation; members should read carefully the terms and conditions to confirm that they meet your own requirements.

Insurance (over 65) £5m £10m £15m £5m
Cost £27.50pa4 £50pa £44pa £20pa
Legal helpline Yes Yes Yes Yes
Magazine Yes Yes No No


  1. There is the option of CTC Life Membership
  2. Insurance only comes with ‘Ride’ or ‘Race’ membership; BC insurance does not cover member on member incidents.
  3. Aged 65 or older