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The club operate two distinct systems; the Runs List and Runs Library.

The Runs List records our normal Wednesday rides; it shows start location, time, leader, destination etc. The leader of a ride has the opportunity to add a ‘clickable route’ to an entry. A summary of the Runs List is shown on the home page of the website.

The Runs Library is a list of rides relating to a particular event – eg there is a category relating to rides relating to the forthcoming trip to The Cotswolds. Any club member can add an entry to the Runs Library.

‘Clickable routes’ are routes created by you in your account with Ride With GPS.
A link to such a route can be added to either the Runs List or Runs Library so that they can be accessed by other riders.

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Runs List Display
Display Rides
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All Groups
A1 & A2A1 & A2A1& A2
All B RidesAll B RidesAll B Rides

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Adding Rides to Runs List

The start locations and times are pre-entered on the Runs List (see above) by the Group Coordinators. Volunteers to lead these rides are always welcome – please contact your Group Coordinator.

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Cancelling Rides

If the weather forecast is bad, and the leader decides to cancel the ride, they must put a notice on the blog and relevant WhatsApp group by 6pm the previous night.

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Important to show leaders for rides – a condition of our 3rd party insurance is to document our rides with leaders and participants. For the same reason it is important that the Leader submits a ‘Ride Report’ on ‘the Blog’ which will list the riders that were present on the ride.

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Add Your Route to Runs List

Each ride can only have one route associated with it, the ride must first appear on the Runs List before a route can be added to it. In order to add a route of you will need to obtain a link to a route that has been created by you in Ride With GPS. To use Ride With GPS to create a route and link – see other sections on this page. You will need the following

  1. Ride Leaders Name exactly as shown on Runs List (will no doubt be your name)
  2. A “Ride With GPS” link to your route – Using Ride with GPS (normally stored in your clipboard
    This will be in the format “”, where ‘nnnnnn’ is a unique number obtained from RideWithGPS.
  3. Date of ride in the format 04 08 2019

Once entered, the route should then appear on the Runs List . It is critical that the above data is entered correctly or it will not match up to the existing entry on the runs list.
It may take 5 to 10 mins to to work its way through the system before it is displayed on the Runs List.

Enter Route Here

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Amending a RideWithGPS route

If you want to amend a clickable route that has already been entered then this can be done by editing the route from within RideWithGPS.
If you want to replace the route in its entirety, then this can be done by entering the new clickable route using the above form – it should overwrite the existing entry.

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Midweek Run Groups

The table below lists the current runs groups with information on approximate distances and average moving speeds. It is only a guide and will be affected by factors such as weather conditions and terrain. It should also be stressed that there is no membership of groups and that members are welcome to ride with any group they feel comfortable with on any given day.

GroupDist to LunchAv. SpeedCoordinator
Premiers25 to 40 miles15+ mphColin Kane
A122 to 25 miles13 to 14 mphRay Hardinge
A221 to 24 miles12 to 13 mphDanny Gazzi
B118 to 20 miles10 to 12 mphJoe McClenaghan
B215 to 18 miles8 to 10 mphDavid Parker

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Runs Library
All Entries
The Hague
LeJog (Lands End to John O’Groats)
K and A (Kennet and Avon)

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Make Entry to Runs Library

To add a clickable route the the Runs Library you will need;

Click Here to enter your route

To remove a route from the Library see Paul Godfrey or Ken Dean

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Using Ride With GPS & Garmin Edge

Creating a Route or Course (Basic)
Add your Ride to the weekly Runs List
Save ride from Club Runs List and storing it in your own RWGPS account
Using Maps in RWGPS
Upload your ride to the Runs Library
Transfer a Route to your Garmin Edge
Tips and Tricks when using RWGPS

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Tutorials created by ‘Ride with GPS’

These may contain features that are not relevant to our normal usage)

Create a Route
Transfer a Route to Garmin Edge
Different Map Styles
Sync Garmin to Garmin Connect

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Komoot is a very capable app that has the capability of replacing both Ride With GPS and a Garmin satnav – by using your smartphone on the bike
However we cannot support multiple programs and for the purposes of adding clickable links to the Runs List and Runs Library we have standardised on Ride With GPS.

These notes relate to using Komoot.

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Pubs used on our rides

Click here to see the list

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