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Car Assisted List

Midweek Saturdays
A1 & A2,
B1 & B2,
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Printing Runs Lists
The best way to print a Runs List is to display/download a Pdf file.

Cancelling Rides
Car Assisted Rides
If the weather forecast is bad, and the leader decides to cancel the ride, they must put a notice on the blog by 18.30 on the night before the ride.
Normal Rides
It is assumed that leaders will turn up at the normal meeting place, regardless of the forecast.

Important to show leaders for rides – a condition of our 3rd party insurance is to document our rides with leaders and participants.

‘See Route’
You may note in the rh column ‘See route‘. This is where the leader has worked out a route and submitted it to Paul Godfrey. Clicking this link will display the route within ‘RideWithGPS’.
Those with Garmins can download a gpx file as follows.
– Go to the RH column
– Select the tab ‘Export’
– Click on ‘GPX Track (.gpx)’
the Gpx file will be downloaded into your Download folder.

Leaders (of all groups) who are able to produce a gpx/tcx record of their proposed route are encouraged to submit it to Paul Godfrey who will update the Runs List accordingly.

If you have any queries or amendments to the lists please see the runs coordinators for the appropriate group. Paul Godfrey has overall responsibility for publishing the final Runs Lists.